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Finally a real man in my life
genre: straight
Married after high school already pregnant, several years later my husband died. Turned left but the road went right the 100 odd feet drop finished him, he was drunk at the time. He always had money for alcohol, but never enough for his family. Now with 3 children 7, 5 and 2 no parents of mine own to help us and his not willing even if they were...
wrote on 2024-04-25 | by Susanna
Loser finally wins
genre: straight
I (41) won't tell of my sorry love life history, there's nothing to tell. So, I got a job overseas and left to make a great career. At first, I 34 at the time just did my work nothing else, not trying to date or anything else. But I was hearing how easy it was to get sex from my fellow workers. Dismissed it as the usual bullshit, but I was sent...
wrote on 2024-02-10 | by Former Loser
I finally grew up
genre: straight
Brief history, my mother died when I was 8 and my father used the servants to raise me. He also had enrolled in martial arts classes and different sports teams so he wouldn't have to spend much time with me. It was this way until I graduated university, my sold off the family business so he could indulge himself. I was given a large chunk of...
wrote on 2024-01-12 | by Happy Husband of three
Finally determined to lose my Virginity
genre: incest
At 20 I thought my life was passing by as I couldn't get a girlfriend and was still a virgin. My family is well off, and I was attending the local university, with all my fees and books paid for by the family and living at with them and getting an allowance to support myself, so no need to work. I started putting money aside to use to lose my...
wrote on 2023-12-23 | by Desperate Nephew
It finally dawned on me
genre: straight
I finished my studies at university and then straight into a job at the family company. I'd done the courses to be able to fill the job I got, so I didn't start at a low position. I also got an assistant, at first, I got a filler. Until I had settled in and then found my own assistant. The woman I got was quiet and nice looking, a year younger...
wrote on 2023-10-22 | by Finally opened my eyes
Finally Married
genre: straight
I've never been great with the ladies but have had my moments also. With all my friend married I was the only single guy and started to feel awkward being the sole single male at events and started to avoid those events. But I still saw my friends, but not at events. Using my job as a cover, self-employed and would say an urgent job came up and...
wrote on 2023-09-15 | by Thankful Friend
Finally getting ahead
genre: straight
My life has always been a struggle and never seemed to get ahead, no matter how hard I worked. If I started to get ahead something always turned up and stopped me. At 28 I was single in no relationship and avoiding relationships because they just wanted to use me. I call myself Emma and reading a magazine there was an ad for a surrogate, have a...
wrote on 2023-09-04 | by Emma the ex surrogate
Finally Married
genre: straight
When I was growing up, I had a girlfriend, and we were together like we were joined at the hip. I had to go into the marines as it was a family tradition and I followed tradition. Done the required 2 hitches and returned home. A surprise awaited me, my girlfriend was there to meet as usual and had our son in her arms. We had gotten careless...
wrote on 2023-06-18 | by Returned Marine
Finally 18
genre: zoophilia
I was finally 18. I was happy that I turned 18 two days ago and was finally getting the farm my late father left me and my mother. I was happy because I was always left alone with my horses, all male by the way. But I never done anything with them. But this day, I was lucky. I was alone all weekend, while my mother was gone to see her fuck...
wrote on 2023-04-05 | by People
Finally a real Man
genre: straight
I'm 34 and doing wonderfully good in my career and wasn't doing great in relationships. Most of the men I dated were into themselves so much there wasn't any room for anyone else. So, I moved on and same again, finally last July met a real man who was quite content with everything. Knew his abilities and limits and didn't focus on himself, he...
wrote on 2023-03-23 | by Happy Bride to be
It finally happened.
genre: exibitionism
It finally happened. On Sunday’s after work I usually stop at the grocery store and masterbate in my truck hoping to get seen. Last Sunday I was there watching porn on my phone and stroking myself. I had my pants down to my knees and my shirt rolled up. A car parked next to me on my passenger side. A woman about 40 got out and started to head...
wrote on 2023-02-28 | by JG
My Time Finally Came
genre: straight
I've been mostly successful in my career and life except for my love life. Which did exist but didn't progress to marriage. Always the groomsman never the groom seemed to be my fate. I'm the person who catches your eye, except when I'm the only one there to see. I met a very nice woman and was getting on well with her, but she fell for a friend...
wrote on 2022-11-04 | by Happily Married
Finally my Luck was in
genre: straight
I'd never been great in relationships, until I got a job as the maintenance man at health retreat. Women only health retreat, for overweight or women trying to beat an addiction. Alcohol, drugs and even chocolate, you would think hearing they were overweight. They would be fat, there were some you could call fat. But most were a few pounds...
wrote on 2022-08-04 | by "Gordon"
Finally Back Home
genre: incest
I'm Jeremy 27 and I was away for 5 years working overseas, I went away on a 3 year contract. But the start of the pandemic stopped my returning home as everything shutdown. But in March this I got back home, many things had changed in my time away, my father died in 2020. But it was an accident not the virus, he was already divorced (2016)from...
wrote on 2022-07-21 | by Jeremy no home
Finally getting Some
genre: straight
I'm Shaun 32 and career wise I'm doing okay, relationship wise I was scoring zero. I work at a utility and last year a woman who works there lost her rental home. The reason the city said it was unsafe, with nothing she could afford in the same area. She would either have to live rough or move further away from her job. With limited public...
wrote on 2022-05-30 | by Shaun
Finally Together
genre: straight
I'm Jeffery 35 married 1 child and my wife Mary 33 grow up as neighbors till I left for university and while I was away Mary's family moved away and I didn't see her again until 2020. I finished university and became a doctor and after years working in hospitals and clinics got my own practice. Never had much in the way of relationships and...
wrote on 2022-03-14 | by Jeffery M
She finally showed me her tits
genre: cheating
Rachel and I have been working together for a few months before we started meeting each other out in the field, not to work, but to make out. We are both married but enjoyed a little fun together. Our make out sessions evolved to her giving me hand jobs and such. I have tried a few times to unbutton her shirt to feel her up but she has stopped...
wrote on 2022-03-08 | by Jude2020
Finally found my Soulmate
genre: incest
I'm Devin 33 and now in a perfect relationship, for years I've dated and had sexual relationship with women who weren't my soulmate. Being an only child I was raised to expect perfection and not take second best. My parents were in their late thirties when they had me and have now sadly both passed on. I'm was setup for life, but hadn't found my...
wrote on 2021-11-24 | by Devin C
Finally fucking my mom
genre: incest
I've always wanted to fuck my mom which ill tell you some stuff from when I was a kid til now one night I was probably around 9 my mom was asleep and she would take alot of xanx so she would be out like a light anyway I couldn't sleep so I started touching my moms and I started to feel good so I pulled my moms shirt up which she never wore a bra...
wrote on 2021-03-02 | by I fucked my mom
Testing the waters The Finally
genre: threesome
That was all it took! She then told us to rip her lingerie off, because she had waited long enough! Once we had done that, she commanded me to lay on the bed so she could suck me! While she began sucking me, bent over the edge of the bed, she ordered Jason to fuck her pussy slowly from behind! Side note: This position doesn't work for us, due to...
wrote on 2021-01-29 | by Jeff the curious
An honest tale - being 45 and finally acting on my bisexual (MM) desires.
genre: bisexual
Not like the porn videos! - 40s and finally I get my man. An honest tale. Except for a couple of fumbles, as a student, with no outcomes to write about, my desire and curiosity for having sex with another guy was latent until recently. Being in my mid forties, I thought I need to act whilst I'm in good shape still. Whilst being a fairly decent...
wrote on 2020-05-26 | by Matt1975
genre: gay
19, cute,nice body,hot and horny...always look at guys in school,gym,for some reason I always wondered what it would be like to go down on a guy...I finally found out one night as I was driving home from work,my car started to over heat,I pulled over at this rest stop , to let it cool down. I walked over to the restrooms, only 3 stalls I went...
wrote on 2020-02-23 | by Danny
Finally my friend of 6 years let’s me fuck And we fucked at the beach
genre: romantic
We’re both in our 20s we been friends since sophomore year of high school me and Jas were good friends always there for eachother people thought we were a couple but we were just friends she would try to hook me up with other girls or she would ask me to Hook her up with some of my homies we never looked at eachother in a sexual way I would...
wrote on 2020-02-15 | by RDJ99
I finally got to cum in the pussy i came out of
genre: incest
This is a true story that has happened since I was 15 years old. I am now 55 years old. It all started when I was living with my mother. After her and my father got divorced. She was working two jobs. Nursing my day. In bartending on the weekends. She would come home on Friday night and as most bartenders would have had a little too much to...
wrote on 2019-05-12 | by Luckyguy
Hot Wife Finally Trys Black Cock
genre: threesome
I have written two other stories on this site about my wife and my experiences since we started swinging several years ago ("Wife gives ex Boyfriend a Birthday present To Remember and" Wife Sends Boyfriend to Fuck My Hot Ass"). These two stories were two of the hottest times we shared but I have to tell the story of her first Black cock...
wrote on 2019-01-31 | by husband
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