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The genre Pulp collects those erotic stories offering strong content, abundant of violent crimes, atrocities and macabre situations. Stories of eroticism and blood. Tales for adults who contemplate physical suffering, mutilation and / or even death. The combination of sex and death often results in the mystery, in this category you will find rather explicit erotic stories, which leave much less room for imagination.

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ANNIVERSARY I met you on a dating site, shy virgin alone, exciting mix for a man like me. We started dating and from the first meeting our libido was blocked by your "stakes", by your feeling of mastery of your choices and your "NO". It has held us together the great love we have for each other. Today is a year that we are a couple and I...
wrote on 2023-04-06 | by SIR.M
Running for my life
My neighbors are super weird in my opinion, they have a daughter they try to dress like some 18th century Dutch maid. She looks to be what, 15 to 30, I don't know but they treat her like she's some sort of slave. I mean the never let her out of the house without them until yesterday, I found her in the hallway kneeling by her door looking...
wrote on 2021-07-09 | by The Group 2
My first night
I had just turned 18 and my marriage was fixed to a 25 years old man who worked at a very influential govt post. Tall handsome and well built at 6’2” thick black hair while I was half his frame and just 48 kgs at 5’3”. He had agreed to marry me the day he visited my house with his parents, He saw me while was jumping up and down the...
wrote on 2019-08-29 | by Misty
Torbjorn Olavson had returned home after so many years. Where by home we mean a semicircle of longhouses arranged around the tip of one of the many fjords opening onto the Baltic Sea. At that time people traveled a lot, the living were always around for some reason, and he didn't even have parents anymore, so he doubted someone would recognize...
wrote on 2019-05-28 | by Hermann Morr
Misguided Angel
The Bohemian Groove space colony had been abandoned for more than eighty years. Because all the Left Behind could build new colonies in which to live their personal utopia, but it was not written anywhere that this should be able to stand up. Some colonies thrived and were enlarged, others remained depopulated, and Bohemian Groove was too far,...
wrote on 2019-05-19 | by Hermann Morr
Diary of a sperm donor
Being a single man in my mid-thirties was never easy. But it was the life I was used to. Since my poorly paid job entailed me working pretty much most days and weekends I never got around to meeting to many ladies. So, sex was always just me getting myself off every second day. Nothing wrong with it, me having a good wank. Certainly, helped keep...
wrote on 2019-02-25 | by JakeD
The red moon manor
The Red Moon Manor was always an interesting Victorian Mansion that has always been surrounded by urban legends. Out here in the English countryside, the people have always been quite curious as to what really happens there if anything at all. The Red Moon Manor is a three story home that covers many meters on a huge property covered by large...
wrote on 2016-10-29 | by Alhena
Night terrors will win in the end
I bet those night terrors haunt you every night. They creep up on you while you sleep dreaming of those vampires digging those fangs night terrors right into your soft neck. Do you feel that pinch? Now stop and feel that warm blood oozing down your neck, my sensual tongue goes and licks it up. In those night terrors you become one if us the...
wrote on 2015-08-29 | by JYNX
Two twin cats competing for his
"Walter, I am going to take the limo tonight." stated Jarret. "Take the rest of night off." "Thank you Sir, shall I keep the light on?" "No need to Walter." Jarret grab the keys and headed for the garage. He had first seen the Twins two weeks ago. Their images were haunting him even now, forever plastered into his mind......
wrote on 2015-06-02 | by Dan-O
The pussy power
The warm Cabo sun felt wonderful on my skin, so warm so relaxing, I could feel the stress of today melting away. The sound of the surf crashing on the beach below our villa balcony, so private I love laying there naked. As I sip a glass of chilled wine I try to go backward and recall the recent events. My husband Trent and I arrived last night...
wrote on 2015-05-15 | by L Lady
Asteria in control
Asteria rode her motorcycle down the center of the old I-15 in southern Idaho. Catching the eyes of stray foxes, feral cats, and wolves as she plowed through the night, she wondered how many of them served as the eyes and ears of her enemies. Not that it mattered to her. She was a vampire hunter and she was tough. She was going to win no matter...
wrote on 2015-05-07 | by Achilles
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