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A short stay
genre: straight
I 42 was on the other coast for work and staying at a hotel, I was recently divorced and, on my return, would need to hire a housekeeper for my new 3bed apartment back home. Anyway, I was in my room and the housemaid came in to clean the room. No worries I let her do her work, I was on my phone and my next appointment was deferred 2 hours. So,...
wrote on 2024-06-13 | by Made the Offer
genre: straight
I'm a widower of 3 years my late died freak accident, a tree branch broke off during strong wind and hit her. At 59 I was again single and now living alone, decided to give my house to my son and his new wife and move to an apartment. It was closer to my business, and I wouldn't have to drive miles to and from work each day. Settling in quickly,...
wrote on 2024-06-13 | by Entitled Boss
Niece moves in
genre: cheating
My 22 year old neice started working for my wife’s business. And so while she looked for her own place she lived with us. She had her own space in the basement but I also had my office there too. My wife told me to work up in the kitchen to give her privacy in the mornings and night. Belle is a cute young woman who I have had sexual contact...
wrote on 2024-06-12 | by Jude2020
Family wanted me married
genre: straight
I'm no saint or anything close, I do what I want and enjoy myself how and when I want too. I (32) was lucky born into a rich family and we pretended to be good Christian and go to Church, but we didn't do anything to support our so-called Christian values between attending Church on Sunday and attending Church again the next Sunday. Of course,...
wrote on 2024-06-12 | by Newly Changed Man
Cum on my wife
genre: threesome
This all started at a party and a drunken display of lust. We had some friends over for a BBQ dinner the evening went as expected, food was slightly burnt and the alcohol flowed, towards the end of the night most of the guests had gone home and there were two other friends and my wife left, after a clean up we went inside and had another drink...
wrote on 2024-06-12 | by Randall Sharing
Company Property (Part15)
genre: zoophilia
"You get to experience the "Club" Little girl." Tammy looked back at Clair, smiling, "It's where rich bitchy women go to act all superior and get a real fucking from a Stallion!" Kelly laughed, "Reducing most of them into dirty stable sluts." Clair found herself very interested, "So it's a club for sex? I take it; why do they come here?...
wrote on 2024-06-12 | by Emilio Falcon
The Teacher next door
genre: straight
I'm 32 single self-employed and doing quite well, I bought my own home in August 2922 and didn't need a loan. But to be fair the house was in a rundown state and so was cheap to buy. I spent a year doing it up. I moved in after the roof, plumbing and wiring was replaced. Doing the rest myself and focused on one room at a time, sleeping in the...
wrote on 2024-06-12 | by Alway Willing
New resident at the old folks home
genre: cheating
My grandma lives in an old persons building and it’s okay. A small apartment that looks over a private forestry. I go and visit her once a week. The only one from my family. A few weeks ago I met her new next door neighbor; Kim. 70, Asian, and no stretch of the truth, had the biggest tits I have ever seen in real life. My grandma volunteered...
wrote on 2024-06-11 | by Jude2020
An Awakened Lust; second encounter
genre: cheating
After hooking up a few weeks ago, John hounded my wife’s email. She said if they were to meet again it would need to be a place where they could take them time. A week or so later my wife had work people come into town and they were gonna go out and party that night. John booked a hotel downtown and told her to come over when she was...
wrote on 2024-06-11 | by Jude2020
Jennie Finch: Concert Night
genre: straight
Jennie Finch's head was spinning. The concert had been an amazing experience, and her boyfriend Pete had scored really good tickets. There had been a sweet smell in the arena's smoky air throughout the concert. Jennie took it all in. She was feeling really mellow. Jennie looked at her boyfriend as he drove through the warm evening. She smiled....
wrote on 2024-06-10 | by SkyBubble
Rebecca St. James: The Day After
genre: straight
On a typical warm summer day, Rebecca St. James awoke to the light of the sun shining through her bedroom window. She lay in bed and smiled as she recalled the events of the day before. The memory brought back the feelings of the moment: sadness, exhilaration, excitement, disappointment, deep romance, nervousness, peace, a bit of regret, but...
wrote on 2024-06-10 | by SkyBubble
A capybara tight hole
genre: zoophilia
Last week I was gifted a capybara for my 30th birthday from my wife. She didn't know I'm into fucking anything that has a walking hole. Last week she left me alone for a few hours with my female capybara at home. I noticed she was horny and kept throwing her ass in my direction. I pulled my pants down and let her suck me off till I came into...
wrote on 2024-06-10 | by Dunno
Troubled Neighbor
genre: straight
I'm 44 now and 2 years ago I moved into my now home after a divorce. My ex-wife got our 2 children and didn't want alimony or child support as she is very well off via her career and family wealth. I have a fairly good career, not as good as my ex-wife's career, so I asked for nothing off her and get limited access to the children (Christmas,...
wrote on 2024-06-10 | by Very Lucky Man
Love is in the Cards
genre: romantic
It was a cold February night. Lisa and I had only been together for a few days. She was a friend of a friend who had left school due to illness and when she returned, I had organized a "Welcome Back Lisa" party. After I walked her home, she had insisted on kissing me. "Thanks for the party," she said. "I'll see you." Since that night, we had...
wrote on 2024-06-10 | by SkyBubble
I was Bored
genre: straight
I (31) was on my way home alone after work Friday evening and met my widowed neighbor 48 also on her way home. We were on friendly terms and spoke often, I was feeling quite bored and with no plans for weekend. So, I asked my neighbor if she was up to having some fun over the weekend. Not expecting her to agree, to my total surprise she said...
wrote on 2024-06-10 | by Bored no more
I took my chance
genre: straight
Not great with women but had some successes over the years. But now in my thirties I wanted to marry and start a family. But the boat had sailed you could say, in my neck of the woods, female availability was very limited in my age group meaning none. But just by pure chance a woman 30 was left by her husband, without any money or way to support...
wrote on 2024-06-10 | by The Chancer
Massage Lover
genre: straight
I'm 32 and single again and as my wife and I decided to divorce, both are career minded. So, we wanted to put our careers first and we divorced after 5 years of marriage no children. Splitting everything 50/50, I wasn't in the market for another wife and kept to myself. But I really enjoy massages and especially when it comes with hand relief...
wrote on 2024-06-09 | by Massage addict
Twitter island problem
genre: poems
Corey and Oats in.. The Twitter Island Problem ------------------------- Corey and Oats were always there to support Mel in any way shape or form and one day Mel was having a very bad time due to getting recommendations on Twitter for accounts to follow that were from people who were mostly overweight men trying to be sexy and it made her feel...
wrote on 2024-06-08 | by MM1302
Ol McBonzi's farm.
genre: fetish
Bonzi VS Kiwifarms. --------------------- Once upon a time there was a nasty little website called Kiwi Farms and there were several members that were the most annoying including ‘Goat Sneed’ (who had the stupidest username ever because sneed is not even a real word), Overcooked Bacon (who had the second stupidest username), Debt Collector...
wrote on 2024-06-08 | by MM1302
Ever Willing
genre: straight
I'm not a great ladies' man and at 22 live alone and work shifts, which doesn't allow much time for chasing girls. Also, girls don't want a boyfriend who is working nights when they want to go out and party. I'm alone because my mother died 9 years earlier and my father drank himself to death early last year. No siblings so I got the house...
wrote on 2024-06-08 | by Lonely No More
Aunt honey/stepmother beautiful hairy redhead bush
genre: first times
First time eating getting head and sticking in the sweetest pussy I had ever ate?? I was around 9 and already I guess that I was hanging 6 to 7 inches? According to her aunt honeys almanac!! I woke up because I had to pee dreaming I was standing in front of the toilet but in fact I was still on my bed on the floor started to pee but woke up in...
wrote on 2024-06-08 | by Injun john
The Kiss
genre: straight
I was walking down Main Street when she appeared. I hadn't seen Elaine there until she stepped in front of me. "Kiss me," she said. I'll admit, I was caught off guard. How many times does a girl stop you on the street to ask you to kiss her? I looked around. There was a group of people standing nearby, including her brothers. "Right here?" I...
wrote on 2024-06-08 | by SkyBubble
The Note
genre: straight
I was sitting in class listening to a very boring lecture when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A note was put in my hand with a nod backwards. I opened it. "I want to be your sexretary. Pam." I looked back over my left shoulder. I saw Pam sitting there with a smile, looking a bit red. Our eyes met. "We'll talk after class," I wrote, and I sent...
wrote on 2024-06-08 | by SkyBubble
Proposal accepted
genre: straight
I'm nothing specials or build and not wealthy, but I do have one thing that attracted the proposal. I own a property in the foothills away from major roads and its isolation made it perfect for the women who made the proposal. They called themselves witches and they wanted a remote place (Coven stead) for their secret rituals, which my place was...
wrote on 2024-06-07 | by Smart Acceptor
genre: straight
I join the military for excitement and got plenty of that and after two hitches, I returned home to start my new life. I got several useful skills in the military, that gave me a boost in my civilian life. Settling into a civilian job and lifestyle was strange at first, but I got on with everybody I worked with or met. Anyway, I met a mature...
wrote on 2024-06-05 | by Happy Civilian
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