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The Sentimental erotic stories are the most classic and popular genre in fiction for adults, much appreciated especially by the female gender, they are not only sex stories, often in fact it's adult novels with some emotional involvement, where sexual arousal also involves the heart and brain.

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Worth the wait
Nevaeh is verles step daughter. He has been waiting for her to turn 18 so he can now sexually seduce her. On her birthday she wakes up tied to her bed and blindfolded. As she goes to say something verle starts to caress her breasts
wrote on 2024-05-17 | by Jjj
A Sexual Night
She climbs up on top of me and she's taking charge tonight and she guides my hung cock into her tight wet pussy tonight and it always feels so right and She's moaning all through the night and we're Having passionate sex under the moonlight And the stars where twinkling so bright and Having passionate sex all through the night and we're...
wrote on 2024-01-29 | by David P Carroll
Sleeping with the Enemy, Part 1
The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is a branch of the National Institute of Health located in Bethesda, Maryland. Scientists and medical professionals assigned to the Institute worked on several major disease threats to include HIV/AIDS, corona viruses, and antimicrobial resistance. Diana McCloud was 45 years-old...
wrote on 2024-01-25 | by Winterfalcon1967
Snow In The New Year
The lights were dim through the glass doors of the kitchen, the snow fall was densely calm, falling gently covering the back garden in a thick white cold blanket. The evening air silent, moonlight glinting in through the patio doors. Alone in the kitchen a warmth in the air was helping her through the cold winter nights. A bottle of red wine...
wrote on 2023-07-16 | by J.R.Silver
I got fisted
I got fist fucked and I liked it. My boyfriend Nathan and I were sitting on the couch. I was facing him with my back on the arm. Pretending to be reading a book. Kinda teasing him as we watched tv. Before I get much farther, I guess I need to tell a little bit about Nathan and me. I'm forty-three years old. Blonde, blue eyes,...
wrote on 2023-07-08 | by Maggie Mae
Maria and the Ice Cream
 Gravel went flying from the abrupt parking of the car. Damn, Pete would be upset with her for ruining the perfect parking lot - again- covered with the white and sights shining gravel. You know, those stones that make every surface appear posh and clean. He was so proud of this lot as it made the house look a bit more tidy then it usually...
wrote on 2023-05-01 | by Laura Ellric
Freya & Jake
Jake was a 19 year old, tall, athletic boy, who had recently started college. A few weeks ago, Jake met Freya, who had recently moved in down the street with her parents. Freya was the same age as Jake, with a cute smile and very noticeable breasts. Jake invited Freya over to watch a Friday night game of Football, as they were both heavily...
wrote on 2023-03-25 | by Timmy G
Phoenix Envy
The darkness came over the night, the day of the sun, the dawn over the morning - a school in horror terror, realm in the faith of Fictional/Fictitious mythology, the illumination illuminating a horror terror of a school Befalling on the tempest templating - of a school on a Providence Residence, Befallen. The clouds pier vertical dawn of the...
wrote on 2023-02-26 | by Phoenix Envy Glorious Goddess
Morning Sex
The bedroom is dark and quiet until the alarm blares. I roll over and bury my face against your shoulder. "Oh my God, turn it off," I mutter. You fumble for the phone and manage to stop the alarm. "Work," you tell me. I roll over and snuggle deeper into the bed. "I work from home. Go away," I respond. You curl against my back and press the...
wrote on 2023-02-22 | by Trish Maine
Valentine’s Day Sex Games
Thinking outside the box of chocolates to keep things fresh When you fuck your wife three times a day every day of the year, how do you make Valentine’s Day special? Simple: you take the day off from fucking. That seems weird, right? If anything, you’d think we should fuck even more on that day, not less. It’ll all make sense when I...
wrote on 2023-02-15 | by Trish Maine
My Masterful Bespoke Licker
I like to see his tongue doing pirouettes on my skin. Licking time is my selfish quiet pleasure time. It is when he focuses only on me and my clit’s needs. I take my time to come when he is going down on me, and I enjoy every moment. I love to feel how my tension builds up, like a staccato, and the masterful release at the end that leaves me...
wrote on 2023-02-03 | by Li Moon
Sex With My Ex’s Dad
I wasn’t really in the mood for a party, but now that I’ve seen Dale, I’ve changed my mind. He’s my ex’s dad. Tall, almost twenty years older than me, with grey hair, and a body that makes me want to throw myself at him. And that’s exactly what I’m planning on doing today. The thought has barely formed in my mind, but the plan is...
wrote on 2023-02-03 | by Trish Maine
By the Fire
I will push you gently down into an armchair by the fireplace. The warm glow from the crackling fire bathing your sexy naked body in gold. I kneel down in front of you kissing my way from your knee, up your thigh, to just above your pussy (I can feel you shiver with anticipation) and then just to tease you, I'll keep kissing down your other...
wrote on 2023-01-19 | by Clayton89
Shaky in a Horny Way
Losing control in the most delicious manner. Teddy is pounding me deliciously from behind. I am arching my back to present a better angle for him. I know I am going to come, and I am going to come hard. And I know that he will hold me while my legs shake in a horny way… Sometimes I just see Teddy and the horniness in me wakes up. Sometimes he...
wrote on 2022-12-04 | by Nora Wilson
Reclaimed By My Man
He just needed a little competition. My husband stared at me with eyes so hot he could burn me. I blinked. “Huh?” He was still standing at the door; I was still outside. He cleared his throat. Seemingly, I had startled him out of his thoughts. “You are beautiful.” My heart skipped a beat. “You mean…?” He pulled me into a hug...
wrote on 2022-11-18 | by Nora Wilson
The Anniversary
It is our anniversary, and after a hard year for the both of us, it's finally time to take a vacation. We picked a lovely town on Lake Michigan where we know we can find gorgeous and secluded beaches. We decided to head for the lake before checking into the hotel, and just soak in some sun, maybe dip our toes in the amazing lake water. As we...
wrote on 2022-10-15 | by Clayton89
Cookies and Cream
I come home from work, and you're there, baking my favorite cookies, wearing the sexiest little dress, You turn around, sliding the dress up to reveal that you're not wearing panties. I move quickly to you, kissing you long and deep, my tongue exploring your mouth. I quickly unzip your dress, letting it slide down your gorgeous body. My mouth...
wrote on 2022-10-14 | by Clayton89
Rolling The Dice
Brett’s eyes twinkled, looking at the half-naked woman in front of him “Roll the dice, Macy!” “But… but… I’m almost naked!” Brett laughed. His baritone echoed off the walls, while his eyes twinkled as he looked at the half-naked woman in front of him. “Don’t worry,” he said, a smile playing around his lips, “with a...
wrote on 2022-09-01 | by Li Moon
Leaving Him Breathless
We watch our reflected pleasure in the mirror. Teddy is on the sofa and I am sitting on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position that has gone flat. He is holding me with both of his paws and I see our reflection in the round mirror across the living room. I can see his dick going in and out of me from this very porny viewpoint… I remember...
wrote on 2022-08-23 | by Nora Wilson
Cooling The Heat
Ice cooled her down, his breath warmed her up She waited for him on the bed. Spreadeagled. Bound. Wet and horny. He’d been in the room only moments before. Charissa was sitting on the bed, her back to her husband, when he caught her by surprise, grabbing her arms and swiftly tying her wrists together. Still behind her, he tied her breasts...
wrote on 2022-08-22 | by Nora Wilson
Shall We Dance?
He held her tight while graciously steering her around the dance floor, paying no attention to those who stared. From behind her mask, Annabelle watched people dance an old-fashioned menuet. This party was only for the best of the best. The richest of the rich. The only reason she was here was because of her father. He was vice-president at...
wrote on 2022-07-12 | by Nora Wilson
A Relaxed Sunday Morning: Our favorite way to start the day.
It was a Sunday morning like any other. We slept together. I woke up first and hugged him. Soon he woke up, turned around and lay on his back. I saw his erection forming. I caressed his chest, his belly, kissed his face. I smelled his natural morning scent. I stroked his hair. We kissed. I walked my hands from his face into his underwear. He...
wrote on 2022-07-11 | by Nora Wilson
Starry Night: Will the planets align for us tonight?
I am lying in the grass on my back. My shirt is open, Bunny’s hands on my chest. My shorts and boxer shorts are somewhere in the grass between here and the bench. I raise my eyes and see how Bunny is looking up at the stars. Behind her is the shadow of an oak tree, and in the background the early evening stars. I close my eyes and concentrate...
wrote on 2022-07-10 | by Nora Wilson
We Shouldn’t But Now I Can’t Stop
We shouldn’t, but I came when he called. Once was a mistake. Twice had been an accident. But when I parked my car next to his and drank in his silhouetted body at the deserted oval, it felt like the start of a relationship. I was in love with someone else. For years, I’d been totally and completely in love with someone else. We were part of...
wrote on 2022-06-18 | by Nora Wilson
Love And Oral Fixations: You are my favorite flavor
I just love the taste of a clean dick. There’s nothing like the feel of my tongue gliding across the shaft of that smooth, sensitive skin. But really, not just any dick will do. It’s got to be yours. I am obsessed with that soft, pliable skin encasing your hard, pulsating cock. How attentive your organ is to my every touch… and lick…...
wrote on 2022-06-17 | by Nora Wilson
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