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Anal wife part three
genre: fetish
It was now several weeks since I’d first become aware of my wife’s sexual needs, and we’d both I can honestly say were taking full advantage. Kerry’s ass cheeks seemed to have a constant glow from her many spankings while her actual arsehole was now enjoying being stretched by her many anal toys. We’d started with the smallest butt...
wrote on 2024-05-23 | by Don.Green
The Cuckold Transformation Pt. 01
genre: cheating
Chapter 01: Sarah Reveals Her Plan In a dimly lit room, Sarah, a stunning woman in her thirties with long, wavy brunette hair, lounges across from Claire. Her deep red lipstick and smoky eye makeup accentuate her features, and her curves are shown off perfectly in a form-fitting dress. She exudes confidence and sex appeal, and her giggle is...
wrote on 2024-05-22 | by aninhahanz
Whipped Cream Shenanigans
genre: funny
Sure! Here's a revised version of the story with a natural insertion of your website's name and product for a backlink: --- Once upon a time in the quaint town of Noodleburg, there lived a couple named Bob and Betty who were known for their playful and adventurous spirit. Bob was a charming accountant with a penchant for puns, while Betty was...
wrote on 2024-05-22 | by Lena Scott
My Uncle David
genre: straight
At the time this started Uncle David 55 single and the oldest of 3, my father 49 the youngest and their sister 53. Their parents and grandparents have beyond the veil we could it in our family. Anyway, at my wedding David turned up alone and gave me a cheque for 100grand as a wedding present. we would use it for our house deposit. David enjoyed...
wrote on 2024-05-21 | by Proud Niece
Company Property (Part11)
genre: zoophilia
Kelly orchestrated a brilliant deception in a strategic maneuver to further safeguard Clair. Using misdirection, Kelly devised a plan to release false information suggesting that F33 had been transferred to an overseas company branch, A research facility hidden in the remote Siberian wilderness; this misinformation was strategically disseminated...
wrote on 2024-05-21 | by Emilio Falcon
How I Impregnated a Sheep
genre: zoophilia
I first started thinking about having sex with an ewe ( female sheep ) since my late teens, the though of it turned me on so much that I found myself fantasizing about it quite often. I couldn't count how many times that I laid in bed at night thinking about the things that I would like to do to her and all of the different positions that I...
wrote on 2024-05-20 | by Ohio Sheep Lover
Jasper's the Real Monster
genre: gay
Once upon a time in the land of Deviantart there was an annoying little jerk named Jasper, Jasper loved to fap to overweight characters and liked commissioning art of his OC who totally wasn't his self insert being turned into weird or unsimpable characters and he had a vitriolic hatred of Nathan. You see, it all began with one simple breakup...
wrote on 2024-05-20 | by MM1302
Emma's Wedding Dress Part One
genre: cheating
Beautiful and successful Emma has a deep-seated cum obsession that drew her into making an adult film behind her fiancé's back. Her wedding is only weeks away and the price of her decision has come due. This one's an erotic slow burn that will lead to an explosive conclusion in Part 2. Enjoy! ~~~~~ I can barely hear Jacob on the other end...
wrote on 2024-05-20 | by Red_Elements
Wife Services her Boss - update 2
genre: cheating
My wife spent a week in Florida with her boss. Her boss is an older black man in his 60s. They shared the hotel room. My wife had a casual sexual relationship with her boss prior to the business trip to Florida. She had never spent the night with him before. Prior to the trip she had only had sex with him during the normal work day. She said...
wrote on 2024-05-20 | by Gennygurl
Things have changed...
genre: zoophilia
Things have changed, between the dog and I. I tried him once, out of curiosity... and once was enough, I got it out of my system... but the dog won't let me forget, about it. When he comes to me now, it's not only because he wants me to hug or pat him, that's just the first thing he wants... he wants the love and affection... and then he wants...
wrote on 2024-05-19 | by Mostly Harmless
Were-Aykroyd From Planet Dum Dum.
genre: fetish
Were-Aykroyd From Planet Dum Dum. ---------------------------------------------- Nathan Forester had a peculiar problem, you see he was a Were-aykroyd and he kept having masters who either weren’t exactly trustworthy or just got taken over by their own Were-Aykroyd sides, and one evening he was dealing with a problem that was brought on by...
wrote on 2024-05-19 | by MM1302
The waitress
genre: straight
I would stop at a diner for breakfast and dinner every day I went to work. I was 32 and successful career wise and a failure with relationships. But was getting on well with a waitress (29) at the diner. She was the only woman I could say I was really friendly with. Not that I tried to pick her up, my many failures meant I wouldn't even try....
wrote on 2024-05-19 | by Family man
I wanted a child
genre: straight
I'd put my career first and had succeed and at 36 was at the top of my career and didn't need to focus solely on my career. Not in any relationship at the time, I decided it was time for me to start a family. But not wanting a restrictive relationship, I would find a man I liked and use him to get me pregnant. No long-term relationship required,...
wrote on 2024-05-19 | by Maureen
Bhikhari se chudi
genre: bisexual
Hii Mera name meena meri age 38 h married hu mere 2 bache h yeh meri pehli story hai mere family me me pati aur 2 bache hai kahani abhi just April ki h pati aur bacho ko unke Nani ke yha Jana tha me ni gyi kyuki Ghar me fir koi ni rehta to me pati ko boli ap jao wo 3 days ke liye gye me akeli thi Ghar me to sham ko me khana bnane lgi apne liye...
wrote on 2024-05-18 | by Meena
I get what want
genre: straight
I'm well off and so are my family and I've always gotten what I wanted. Not too demanding as my grandfather saw to that, so I knew the boundaries you could say. As long as I stay inside the boundaries, I got everything I wanted. At university I finally met my match, a girl who didn't care about my family wealth or status in society. At first,...
wrote on 2024-05-17 | by Lucky Lucky man
Company Property (Part10)
genre: zoophilia
Doctor Kelly opened the door, and the two entered the room where four petite, naked young women walked around with clipboards monitoring all sorts of readouts on machines. Each machine was hooked up to a nude man ball-gagged and secured to the floor at the feet while their arms were restrained and suspended above them; it looked like A BDSM...
wrote on 2024-05-17 | by Emilio Falcon
Worth the wait
genre: romantic
Nevaeh is verles step daughter. He has been waiting for her to turn 18 so he can now sexually seduce her. On her birthday she wakes up tied to her bed and blindfolded. As she goes to say something verle starts to caress her breasts
wrote on 2024-05-17 | by Jjj
I'd to marry to get perfect home site
genre: straight
Wanting a change in my life I decided to move to the country to live well away from the city noise and chaos. At 36 (single) doing great career wise and able to work from home, never a Ladie's man by any stretch of the imagination. I'd come to accept never marrying and had used hookers for sex ever since I was 23. But I wanted a special home in...
wrote on 2024-05-16 | by Suddenly Married
The Training of P
genre: S&M
P, in a dress that compliments her perfect figure, spent the morning at the cafe on Basel St., working on her laptop while sipping steaming coffee and eating a delicious sandwich. Suddenly, the young waitress who served her placed a folded page in front of her and said - "They asked me to pass it over to you." P turned away from the computer and...
wrote on 2024-05-15 | by Moss47
The Bunnies
genre: zoophilia
I was allowed to visit my grandma and grandpa in the vacations after my exams. That was always a pleasure for me to visit them in their home on the countryside. Both were much happy to see me. It was about a year that I had visited them. There I found that now a day’s grandpa is doing farming of Rabbits. He had a few pairs of rabbits for...
wrote on 2024-05-14 | by Kinky pinky
What a surprise
genre: straight
At 20 I was called a nerd and was the only one in my family that done well at school. I made extra money tutoring other students and succeeded in getting a scholarship to the local university. While my 2 siblings worked as they called them crap jobs, while attending university I still tutored and was making more money than my siblings. The older...
wrote on 2024-05-14 | by Founded Grandson
Company Property (Part9)
genre: zoophilia
Instantly, The two men retracted, "Yes, mam, for sure." Doctor Kelly then pointed out that the company's projects aimed to expand women's freedom to experience the ultimate pleasure, not to appease the average little male. "You two should be content in watching the perversions, a definite benefit for the men working here." "I know, Doctor...
wrote on 2024-05-13 | by Emilio Falcon
Breeding my Neigbor
genre: straight
I'm now 42 divorced 5 years ago and my 3 children live with their (career first) mother. No alimony paid at her request, but some children support paid. Not high on my children's favorite list if at all, so it's very rare for me to hear from them, 3 times in 5 years. So, as I live in the next state, I live my own lifestyle as I want. I live in...
wrote on 2024-05-13 | by Breeder Neighbor
Hope the dream comes true
genre: incest
Ever since i broke up with my ex girlfriend i started having different feelings about her. I always had brother sister fetish since i was a child. I tried alot of times to roleplay brother sister sex with her but she denied cause she had a brother and completely hates incest. After our breakup i remember her saying that she first watched...
wrote on 2024-05-12 | by Uz5an
Making the most of every chance
genre: straight
I 26 had great luck, albeit sad and on my late father's side. An uncle of his passed away and I was his only living heir, I went from just getting by too well off in a single day. My parents and younger sister had died in a major car accident in highway pileup, and I had been lucky as I was at work stacking shelves that evening. A month later...
wrote on 2024-05-12 | by Soon to marry

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