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Had Sex With My Overweight Friend
genre: straight
There was a guy who was overweight among my former group of friends. 230 pounds, if I had to guess, which is a really significant amount of weight. Although many of our friends made fun of him, he was actually a genuinely nice guy. like actually being spiteful with him for no reason. Every time we got together, they would "show off" by...
wrote on 2024-05-12 | by Nora Wilson
Failure to Success
genre: straight
My love life was hookers and lucky for me I'm loaded, an only child born just before my mother turned 40. She had lot of trouble with my birth, so I was her first and last. My father was 12 years older than her and had stroke 2 years later and died, a lifetime of smoking, drinking and drugs was the cause. So, when my mother died at 62 (car...
wrote on 2024-05-11 | by Former Failure
Educated summer part 2
genre: zoophilia
I saw my neighbor getting her holes used by a pack of dogs and she sucked off one. The dogs were resting after they had blew a couple of loads and she got up to let them out and as she walked towards the gate the Rottweiler knocked her down and he jumped on her back and she said she didn’t want them to go and she said they could stay with her...
wrote on 2024-05-10 | by Watcher
Fun In The Park
genre: domination
Fun In The Park My son, Steward or Stew, was born 2 years before my acrimonious divorce from my wife. Laura. She managed to win custodial rights and moved across the country with him. Though I was wealthy, I lost all the court battles I waged since judges always ruled in her favor. Too, she remained so pissed-off that I...
wrote on 2024-05-10 | by zappo
Legend of Zelda
genre: group sex
Legend Of Zelda Cute and white, Tim relished knowing he was sexist prior to his twenty-first birthday which he and Joshua, his black, 22-y/o friend, celebrated at The Depot on a September, Thursday night. But it didn't occur to them that Zelda, Tim's divorced, 35-y/o aunt, would provide the entertainment until they entered the bar's foyer and...
wrote on 2024-05-10 | by xdruid
A lucky encounter
genre: straight
Early March I found a rare part I needed for a restoration I was doing. But it was local pickup only no shipping and so I drove to the state where it was and checked it over. Which allowed me to check it over before paying for it first, it was raining on my arrival and my plan to start my return afterwards wasn't looking that good. Anyway, the...
wrote on 2024-05-10 | by Lucky Guy
Company Property (Part8)
genre: zoophilia
Kelly inserted two flaps from an inhaler device into Clair's nostrils; "Breathe it in," she ordered softly; "You may feel light-headed and then be out for a few minutes; don't be concerned." As Clair breathed in the gas, She watched the sunlight filtering in through the high windows of the clinic. Feeling a surge of excitement mixed with...
wrote on 2024-05-09 | by Emilio Falcon
Awestriker is the mother of Bitches.
genre: zoophilia
It is time for another Bonzi's Storytime session, get ready because this one is going to be super bizarre yet hilarious! Once upon a time in the land of Deviantart there was an annoying emo brat named Awestriker007, she used to be a friend of Nathan's but when she found out Nathan was allegedly transphobic through Gavin aka Mrdrawinglover or as...
wrote on 2024-05-09 | by MM1302
Educated summer
genre: zoophilia
She was the hottest woman in my life. She moved next door with her husband when I was in junior high. Her husband was much older than her and they both were from Germany and she married him so she could come to the states. A couple of years before the story he had passed away and she became very good friend with my mom so I got to see her a lot....
wrote on 2024-05-09 | by Watcher
Aunt Cassie's Dog
genre: zoophilia
It wasn't the same without him, but I was doing the best that I could. It was too soon to replace him and no two dog's were ever the same, so it would be impossible to try to do anyway. I had good memories of our time together. I kept using them, even though they were tinged with bittersweet emotions, that threatened to make me cry, at...
wrote on 2024-05-08 | by Mostly Harmless
Company Property (Part7)
genre: zoophilia
They could still hear Vicky's squeals as the two women returned to the office. "I guess Jacobs likes his new toy. It makes me feel good knowing the old man is having fun." Margo quipped. Clair kept nodding. The reality of the situation was that Vicky had no options. The sooner she gave in to her new life, the better for her. Resisting was...
wrote on 2024-05-08 | by Emilio Falcon
My Sexual Trainer
genre: straight
I'm from a well to do family and was awkward and nervous around people almost all the time. With a bad stutter, I'd been made fun of most of my life. My mother had little time for me as I was an embarrassment to her, and my father avoided me as much as possible. When I had to be with them, being totally unavoidable. Like visiting my father's...
wrote on 2024-05-08 | by Loner no more
Fell on my feet
genre: straight
I'm a high school dropout, left school at 14 and started travelling. My father was an abusive alcoholic and he got worse after my mother died. Not that she was any better, she also drank as much as my father. So, I left no brothers or sisters and got work here and there. Tall for my age, but skinny I passed myself off as older and took any job I...
wrote on 2024-05-07 | by Happy farmhand
Self-Defense Lessons with Ashlee and Nevaeh
genre: threesome
I had the most beautiful neighbors in the world. I’m not sure how many guys can say they live in an apartment enclosed by four other units – two to the sides, one above, and one across the hall – each containing one of the most stunning women in the world, but I was that lucky guy. Anytime I left to go to work, pick up groceries, or even...
wrote on 2024-05-07 | by Michael Verley
Company Property (Part6)
genre: zoophilia
Clair spoke softly to Maria. "I've discovered the most terrible things in the last few days, Maria. There is a poor woman here who has sex with a dog, and her husband is a pony slave!" Maria looked at Clair, indicating she was fully aware of the situation, "I know her, Clair. She loves her new life and is getting more love now than she ever...
wrote on 2024-05-05 | by Emilio Falcon
Enjoyed the moment
genre: incest
At a family get together, I (30) was getting on very well with my cousin (34). She like me were unattached and attending alone, the drinks flowed like a river, and we both got drunk. Next morning I awoke in a motel room and soon realized it wasn't mine, as the suitcase on the second bed had women's clothing in it. Whose room it was, escaped me...
wrote on 2024-05-05 | by Very Lucky Guy
The Affair led to another affair
genre: straight
I was then 34 divorced and in no relationship, having no children and both my ex and me having great careers so no alimony. Our mutual careers were the main reason we divorced as we both were seeking promotion which led to divorce. Parting on fairly good terms, I stayed put and my ex moved interstate to advance her career. I decided to buy a...
wrote on 2024-05-04 | by Perfect Relationship
Company Property (Part5)
genre: zoophilia
As Clair felt the warm deluge cover her body, She orgasmed once again, moaning as Jacobs continued glaring at her. "Good girl, You get payment for doing good work around here. He eagerly made sure to inspect the coating of sperm running down her body.  She finished sucking the remnants out of the pulsating tip and snapped out of her trance,...
wrote on 2024-05-04 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part4)
genre: zoophilia
As she walked, The overhead globe followed her, Sliding along the rail attached to the ceiling. "F33, remove your garments and place them on the table. You will then lay on the bed and wait for the Doctor," the cold, metallic voice ordered. Disturbed about being naked again, She reluctantly did what was asked of her, "Asked of her? They tell...
wrote on 2024-05-03 | by Emilio Falcon
Breeding the Bitches
genre: zoophilia
I came out of the kitchen with coffee mugs and found my husband Div playing with Luna, our fully grown, beautiful, purely white female Canadian Shepherded. She was licking his face and running around him, sometimes climbing on him and rubbing her body with him. Both were playing on the floor. I sat on the sofa and placed the coffee mugs on the...
wrote on 2024-05-03 | by KinkyPinky
Love my Hotwife
genre: cheating
My wife and I have had a cuckold relationship for the last year. I have found it very sexually exciting having a promiscuous hotwife. There is something about her openly talking with me about dating and having sex with other men I find exceptionally exciting and attractive. When she comes home after going out and fucking someone else, I can’t...
wrote on 2024-05-03 | by Gennygurl
I fuck my friend Shalini
genre: straight
My name is Shankar. Age 30, living in Chennai. . I am working as an engineer in a cyber-security company. . Please read this story and continue to support me and I will share more stories with you. Those who need full body massage / sex. Aunty and girls who want more sex mail me massagefeathertouch@gmail.com. . One day I got a call when I m in...
wrote on 2024-05-02 | by shankarmassageboy
Company Property (Part3)
genre: zoophilia
Clair tried to dry her eyes as Maria massaged the gel onto her rear. Maria asked Clair to pull down her panties to uncover her bottom so she could access all the redness. "Yes, dear," Bethany said, "She needs to get the medicine onto the sore spots. Clair looked around the room and reluctantly pulled her panties down in the back while...
wrote on 2024-05-02 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part 2)
genre: zoophilia
Clair didn't have much appetite, so Bethany offered her a warm protein shake that the facility produces. "It's common for the new hires not to eat much. Try this, honey. It'll keep you going without filling you up." Bethany's voice was sympathetic and kind. Clair noticed everyone watching her with excitement on their faces With her discomfort...
wrote on 2024-05-01 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part 1)
genre: zoophilia
"How much do you owe him!?" Clair shouted, "I can't believe you borrowed money for a stupid fishing boat from a damm loan shark!" Tom looked down at his feet. He knew the gravity of their situation and felt like a stupid fool for his lack of judgment. "With interest, 80 grand!" Tom's words, filled with regret, only further ignited Clair's...
wrote on 2024-04-30 | by Emilio Falcon
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