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Holiday with family part 1
genre: swingers
My name is Dan and my wifes name is Bec. We have been married for about 28yrs, with 2 kids - one boy and one girl. Both are grown up and have left home so Bec and i are home by ourselves. Our sex life is ok and we can do it anywhere in the house we like Bec has a sister - Kelly and her husband is Ryan. Bec and her sister are very close and they...
wrote on 2024-04-16 | by Bec
Wife’s family 4
genre: incest
So Paul it’s been another week how are you sleeping? To be honest lots better and why do you think that is I’m not entirely sure just seem less stressed I think ok so we shouldn’t need another session then. I wouldn’t say that I think they are helping, ok then let’s go once he was under I asked a couple of safe questions then asked him...
wrote on 2024-02-24 | by Brett
Wife’s family 3
genre: incest
Once home Debbie headed straight up stairs with me not far behind she swung the bedroom door open and proceeded to strip off, she did indeed have a great body her tits were firm with nice sized nipples her pussy was covered with an even amount of hair and her arse was to die for. It was in fact her arse that drew me to her in the first place the...
wrote on 2024-02-23 | by Brett
Wife’s family 2
genre: incest
So Saturday comes around and we are getting ready to leave for Debbie’s parents house I don’t know what to wear she yells mmm ok I thought your only going to see your mom and dad now to wait and see what happens. It must have been fifteen minutes before she came downstairs I looked at her short skirt small top too much she says? Not at all...
wrote on 2024-02-23 | by Brett
Wife’s family 1
genre: incest
After finishing university as a Psychologist specialising in Hypnosis I finally had an opportunity to dig into my wife’s past, she always kept her past and younger years close to her chest whereas I was willingly open about my whole life. We have been married for almost three years Debbie is 27 and I 28 life was as good as one could expect at...
wrote on 2024-02-23 | by Brett
Family Island
genre: incest
Brief history. My family has owned an island for generations and was a large family group when it was first acquired. Over the generations we slipped in numbers due to war, illness and some becoming priests and nuns. So, by the time my father had me it was just him and his sister and their parents. My parents had only me and a sister who died...
wrote on 2024-02-04 | by Kenneth
Started my Family
genre: incest
Boredom and isolation led to my family, in 2020 I lived with my mother 39 and sister 18 at the time. Due to the pandemic we had to isolate ourselves, as the lockdown dragged on and I seduced my sister. Finally getting caught by our mother (widow), who instead of being angry joined in our sexual relationship. We weren't short on money and were...
wrote on 2024-02-02 | by Family Breeder 4
Using a Family
genre: straight
I'm now 47 and was single, unattached and not thinking of having a relationship. I'm a user I use people to get what I want. After separating from business, I had been part owner and decided to start my own business. Looking around found a small rundown business right for me to exploit. I knew with a few changes and updating it would be...
wrote on 2024-01-24 | by Horn User Boss
Started my Family
genre: straight
At 39 I returned from working overseas, I had bought a business and intended to run and continue as was usual for me. Never a great ladies' man, I wasn't looking for a wife and was content to go along as was normal for me. But I had 5 women working for me that would change that. I pay basic wages and no job is permanent. So, I wasn't concern...
wrote on 2024-01-17 | by Soon to be Father
End of the family line
genre: straight
I was the last able body male in the family and was told from a young age I had to have children, or the family lineage died with me. Not too much pressure for a 10year old boy, but as I got older. I was always told you don't have love a girl, just get her pregnant. The family will buy her off and we'll keep the child. But I wasn't getting girls...
wrote on 2024-01-08 | by Family Savior
Family Honor
genre: incest
I've always been very horny and fancied my younger sister greatly. But due to family honor taken very seriously I couldn't act upon my urges with her. Then she was engaged to a much older man 48, which is the custom especially in making new business relationships. My sister being 20 and a virgin was the icing on the cake as they say, her wants...
wrote on 2023-11-01 | by Horny Brother/guardian
✨Weird Family✨
genre: incest
My father was always making fun of my mother's side of the family, calling them wackos and mostly weird and then adding very weird. Ever since I can remember he would call them names, but not to their faces. Anyway, by the time I was 19 I hadn't really had much to do with my mother's family, a visit at Christmas or Easter was about it. They were...
wrote on 2023-10-01 | by 😁❤💥❤💥Happy Nephew
Booted from the family
genre: incest
Last year I 19 was caught fucking my sister then 22 and as a result I was kicked out of home and out of the family. I was told it was all my fault as my sister has low esteem problems and I took advantage of her. I went from the favorite to the black sheep, just because I fucked my older sister. But undeterred I still had a job and found my own...
wrote on 2023-09-26 | by Black sheep
Family Friend update
genre: straight
Last week my mother caught us fucking, Amanda and I were at first shocked and were little ashamed getting caught at first. But Amanda recovered and told my mother we were both adults and enjoyed sex and my mother agreed we weren't hurting anyone and hasn't told anyone else and we're still fucking whenever we can.
wrote on 2023-09-14 | by Harry B...
A sexual encounter at a family wedding
genre: incest
I (24) went to a cousin's wedding and was unattached and was paired with my aunt (38). We drank a bit too much and next morning I awoke in bed with her and both naked. When she awoke, we had sex again and went our separate ways as they say. Two months later, I was home on break from university and my aunt arrived with her husband (60) and...
wrote on 2023-09-12 | by Accidental Lover
Split Family
genre: straight
My father had only one sibling an older brother who he didn't get on with. My uncle had done very well and was rich compared to us. My father owned his home and worked as a mechanic and was happily married with 3 children, I being the youngest at 22. My uncle had no children and married late and wanted to start a family at the age of 61. His...
wrote on 2023-09-03 | by Very Helpful Nephew
For the family prologue
genre: incest
Ramon Devins was the 67 year old head of a multiple billionaire, thanks to this company and connections. However this was soon to be last as he had no male heir as well he had lost his wife at the age of 48 when she died given birth to their 3rd daughter. Now currently in his office going though documents trying to find a family willing to give...
wrote on 2023-08-24 | by Cesar cruz
Exiled by family
genre: straight
I won't go into why I was exiled, just what happened where I was sent. My family owned a lot of businesses, and it was to one of them I was sent. The business was remote from large towns or cities. It had a small town close none of the locals were under 48, till I arrived. At 31 I was sent to smarten myself up or be exiled permanently from the...
wrote on 2023-08-19 | by Horny former Exile
Return to a Desperate Family
genre: incest
I left home at 16 because I was told to leave and not come back ever, I had failed at school and become wild. Anyway, my years on the road tamed my wild side and I finally got a job that paid better, and I could afford to do more than just get by. At 25 I hadn't started drinking alcohol as I'd seen the trouble, I could get myself in. Already...
wrote on 2023-08-16 | by Changed Son Returns
My family is Rich.
genre: straight
I'm their biggest disappointment, I (then 30) didn't go to university and prefer to live on a rural property I inherit from my grandfather. Nothing flash it was his rural retreat he called it, a place to go and recharge his batteries he always said. It had a cabin style house 3 bedrooms and a barn and horse yard no horses. My grandfather never...
wrote on 2023-08-15 | by Happy Breeder
The Family next door
genre: straight
I'm quite well off and have lost one leg and have an artificial from just above the knee. I lived alone in my own 4bedroom 2bathroom house, I'd preferred that to stop people trying to do things for me, because they thought I'm a cripple. Anyway, I visit family whenever I feel like doing so. In July last year the house next door was rented out as...
wrote on 2023-08-08 | by One legged Neighbor
Secret Family
genre: straight
I'm a womanizer and I had an affair with a female colleague, she was the best looker and the only unattached woman where I was working. A shy woman, but I succeeded in bedding her and then took a promotion, moving to another state. After 2 years I was back as manager, and the same shy woman was still there, and I decided to restart our...
wrote on 2023-07-30 | by Very Surprised Father
Family Friend
genre: straight
Amanda is a good friend of the family and was widowed last year and as a result I was asked by my mother to mow her lawn and help her as needed. I'm 22 and work in the building industry, I date girls regularly but don't do well sexually with them. Amanda is the same age my mother 51 and is like an aunt to me and my 2 sisters. The death of her...
wrote on 2023-07-05 | by Harry B...
Hired a Family for breeding
genre: straight
I decided I wanted to have children before I was too old. I was already 37 and wanted to be able play with children as well. I wasn't in any relationship and none in my foreseeable future. I read about surrogates and thought that might the way forward, but then heard some bad stories and dropped that idea. While watching a story about homeless...
wrote on 2023-07-03 | by Horny Breeder
Started a Family
genre: straight
I 34 then was a player and dated several women at a time and then I got a personal assistant after I was promoted 2019. She was divorced and great looking for 48-year-old woman, so I was happy with having a great looking woman as my PA. She had a daughter 23 and who was attending the local university and being with my PA quite a bit got to know...
wrote on 2023-06-29 | by Changed to a Husband
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