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Company Property (Part11)
genre: zoophilia
Kelly orchestrated a brilliant deception in a strategic maneuver to further safeguard Clair. Using misdirection, Kelly devised a plan to release false information suggesting that F33 had been transferred to an overseas company branch, A research facility hidden in the remote Siberian wilderness; this misinformation was strategically disseminated...
wrote on 2024-05-21 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part10)
genre: zoophilia
Doctor Kelly opened the door, and the two entered the room where four petite, naked young women walked around with clipboards monitoring all sorts of readouts on machines. Each machine was hooked up to a nude man ball-gagged and secured to the floor at the feet while their arms were restrained and suspended above them; it looked like A BDSM...
wrote on 2024-05-17 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part9)
genre: zoophilia
Instantly, The two men retracted, "Yes, mam, for sure." Doctor Kelly then pointed out that the company's projects aimed to expand women's freedom to experience the ultimate pleasure, not to appease the average little male. "You two should be content in watching the perversions, a definite benefit for the men working here." "I know, Doctor...
wrote on 2024-05-13 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part8)
genre: zoophilia
Kelly inserted two flaps from an inhaler device into Clair's nostrils; "Breathe it in," she ordered softly; "You may feel light-headed and then be out for a few minutes; don't be concerned." As Clair breathed in the gas, She watched the sunlight filtering in through the high windows of the clinic. Feeling a surge of excitement mixed with...
wrote on 2024-05-09 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part7)
genre: zoophilia
They could still hear Vicky's squeals as the two women returned to the office. "I guess Jacobs likes his new toy. It makes me feel good knowing the old man is having fun." Margo quipped. Clair kept nodding. The reality of the situation was that Vicky had no options. The sooner she gave in to her new life, the better for her. Resisting was...
wrote on 2024-05-08 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part6)
genre: zoophilia
Clair spoke softly to Maria. "I've discovered the most terrible things in the last few days, Maria. There is a poor woman here who has sex with a dog, and her husband is a pony slave!" Maria looked at Clair, indicating she was fully aware of the situation, "I know her, Clair. She loves her new life and is getting more love now than she ever...
wrote on 2024-05-05 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part5)
genre: zoophilia
As Clair felt the warm deluge cover her body, She orgasmed once again, moaning as Jacobs continued glaring at her. "Good girl, You get payment for doing good work around here. He eagerly made sure to inspect the coating of sperm running down her body.  She finished sucking the remnants out of the pulsating tip and snapped out of her trance,...
wrote on 2024-05-04 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part4)
genre: zoophilia
As she walked, The overhead globe followed her, Sliding along the rail attached to the ceiling. "F33, remove your garments and place them on the table. You will then lay on the bed and wait for the Doctor," the cold, metallic voice ordered. Disturbed about being naked again, She reluctantly did what was asked of her, "Asked of her? They tell...
wrote on 2024-05-03 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part3)
genre: zoophilia
Clair tried to dry her eyes as Maria massaged the gel onto her rear. Maria asked Clair to pull down her panties to uncover her bottom so she could access all the redness. "Yes, dear," Bethany said, "She needs to get the medicine onto the sore spots. Clair looked around the room and reluctantly pulled her panties down in the back while...
wrote on 2024-05-02 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part 2)
genre: zoophilia
Clair didn't have much appetite, so Bethany offered her a warm protein shake that the facility produces. "It's common for the new hires not to eat much. Try this, honey. It'll keep you going without filling you up." Bethany's voice was sympathetic and kind. Clair noticed everyone watching her with excitement on their faces With her discomfort...
wrote on 2024-05-01 | by Emilio Falcon
Company Property (Part 1)
genre: zoophilia
"How much do you owe him!?" Clair shouted, "I can't believe you borrowed money for a stupid fishing boat from a damm loan shark!" Tom looked down at his feet. He knew the gravity of their situation and felt like a stupid fool for his lack of judgment. "With interest, 80 grand!" Tom's words, filled with regret, only further ignited Clair's...
wrote on 2024-04-30 | by Emilio Falcon
The executive VIP company guest
genre: exibitionism
By Dina Petro The boss, our GM was busy in his office with the company executive VIP guest Mr. Williams, I was in my office when the boss called me in, as soon as I walked in his office, the boss said to the guest, “Sir, you know that our gorgeous Cindy performs two jobs at the same time, don’t you?” Mr. Williams smiled saying, “Yes of...
wrote on 2022-08-07 | by Dina Petro
Unexpected Company -- (incest, tease, slow burn, niece, fM, fFM) -- PART 3 — Final
genre: incest
A bachelor living alone out in the country gets an unexpected visit from his sister's kid, and she turns his world upside down. FINAL INSTALLMENT ========================================== I heard the door to the guest bedroom open and shut, so I turned to face the hallway entrance to present the table. Renate came around the corner...
wrote on 2021-12-17 | by Eric Shon
Unexpected Company -- (incest, tease, slow burn, niece, fM, fFM) -- PART 2
genre: incest
A bachelor living alone out in the country gets a surprise visit from his sister's kid who turns his world upside down. ================================ "You're dead now, buster!" She turned on me with the devil in her eyes, an evil smile on her lips. She twisted and then stood on the bed looking down at me. Looking up at her I could just...
wrote on 2021-12-15 | by Eric Shon
Unexpected Company -- (incest, tease, slow burn, niece, fM, fFM) -- PART 1
genre: incest
A bachelor gets a surprise visit from his sister's kid who turns his world upside down. ======================== Renate began to hum along with the lyrics of the chorus, her voice vibrating through her chest into mine, her breath floating from her nose onto my neck, a tingle working its way down my spine. Before I could react I sprouted...
wrote on 2021-12-13 | by Eric Shon
Babysitter Billy has company
genre: fetish
One day while at Billy's he had a friend staying with him. Her name was Tina. Tina was very pretty. She had big tits (this was a word that Billy taught me to say instead of boobies) She didn't dress like anyone I had known. I could see her tits and nipples through her shirts. I could see that she didn't like to wear shorts or pants as she...
wrote on 2021-07-17 | by MisterKay
Friends company
genre: cheating
I normally have Monday’s off for work and this Monday was a cold day and I was downstairs in the basement watching tv. I saw my wife’s friend Jess online. We started chatting away. She was off work too. I jokingly suggested she come over and we can watch a movie together. She made up a few excuses so I left it there. About half an hour later...
wrote on 2021-01-07 | by Jude2020
Threes company
genre: group sex
I’m. 38 year old man into older men and I met Dave, 62 and tall. He is perfect for me. Patient and intelligent. We had a few meet ups before we did the deed and it was great. But last Saturday he invited me over to his condo for dinner and a movie (and probably more!). When I arrived, Jacob was there! Never met him before. He is a shorter...
wrote on 2020-03-09 | by Benji
Life's Pathways - Female Company
genre: lesbian
Nicky and I walked over the site and through a gate and into the meadow. She said she felt exposed in the things she was wearing. I have the same bits as you I said, yours are bigger. We sat down on the banks of the river and I asked if she had ever done it with a guy before? Not really Nicky said a bit of a feel at school but she hated...
wrote on 2019-05-01 | by GaynorBlue
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