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Landlord part one (of many) First Night.
genre: cheating
I was moving to a new city and I found a room to rent from a friend of my mother’s. They were empty nesters. I would have basement that overlooked a lake to myself. It was gonna be perfect. Janet, the lady was a sweet woman, in her sixties but still attractive. The husband was always traveling and I heard he was kind of a dick. I arrived early...
wrote on 2024-02-11 | by Jude2020
A Sexual Night
genre: romantic
She climbs up on top of me and she's taking charge tonight and she guides my hung cock into her tight wet pussy tonight and it always feels so right and She's moaning all through the night and we're Having passionate sex under the moonlight And the stars where twinkling so bright and Having passionate sex all through the night and we're...
wrote on 2024-01-29 | by David P Carroll
A night to remember
genre: voyeur
My story told previously is continued here... After my first Voyeuristic experience I craved even more secret viewings of my wife Jackie and I had an idea that I was toying with in my mind. My friend was an electronics wizard who supplied military grade spyware equipment for private detective agencies and the like. So I paid Michael a visit...
wrote on 2024-01-16 | by Rayal
Drunken Night
genre: zoophilia
I 38 was home drinking with my best friend 36, both unattached and had started to have a lesbian relationship. I own a large dog 5years old cross breed, I had fallen asleep, and we were both naked. I awoke to a moaning sound and saw my friend being fucked by my dog, she was really enjoying it and I got very horny watching her get fucked. My dog...
wrote on 2024-01-15 | by Dog loving Lesbian
A night to remember
genre: voyeur
My wife and I in our mid thirties decided to move home as a matter of convenience for easy access to our work so we chose an older three bedroom terraced town house nearer to the centre of town my wife who never had a licence to drive worked part time hours a few days a week at the flower shop now a few minutes walk away instead of twenty minute...
wrote on 2024-01-13 | by Rayal
Prom night
genre: incest
Ashley (youngest stepdaughter)was all.ready for her senior prom. Mom bought her a pretty little red dress, matching stiletto pumps, sent her to salon and got her all dolled up. 2 hours before prom, asshole boy who was supposed to take her, cancelled. She was devastated. Cried and cried and was ready to not go. I felt so bad. I told her, just...
wrote on 2023-12-26 | by Anthony T
Night Visit
genre: straight
I was adopted at the age 5 and lives with my new parents from then on. Nothing major in that they were good to me, and I got on very well with both. He was 45 at the of my adoption and she was 37. I wasn't great at school and left at 15 to work with father (plumber) learning the trade. He started getting very ill and on getting a checkup was...
wrote on 2023-12-21 | by Horny plumber
That one night
genre: zoophilia
My friend and I always stayed over at each others houses it was an agreement we made the first day we became best friends. She had this dog that would always wake me up though in the middle of the night, by licking my pussy through my panties. Because i preferred to sleep in my bra and underwear I tried several times to get him to stop doing...
wrote on 2023-12-16 | by Lunesta
A night with Auntie!
genre: incest
Hi, I like to "try" to write erotic stories. Everything you will read is the result of imagination. I have always had a soft spot for my aunt, my uncle's wife, mother of two children aged 13 and 8. Aunt is a fresh 40-year-old, medium height, light brown with two big brown eyes, medium-small breasts which compensate for a great big ass, two legs...
wrote on 2023-10-18 | by Lane1902
Midnight monkeys
genre: zoophilia
I heard the howl,,,sitting up in bed again I heard his call,,sending shivers through my spine the King Monkey wailing for his lost partner. I try to sleep but to no avail,My father warned me about leaving the compound at night,even during the day was risky. It was my fathers fault,he had against strict scientific codes interfered with the...
wrote on 2023-10-05 | by Ginniagain
One night of passion
genre: straight
Last years end of year office party was fantastic, and it made me a father. But I'm not married as it would be hard to satisfy both women who I got pregnant to me on that party night. Instead, they both live with me and our 2 children, how did I get 2 women into bed at the same night you may be thinking. Well, a little bit of history about the 2...
wrote on 2023-09-22 | by Horny party goer
Nathan's Aykroydian Nightmare.
genre: straight
Nathan’s Aykroydian Nightmare. NOTE: This is a parody of those weight gain stories or stories where someone becomes a grotesque slob or overweight character (or tries to fetishize overweight characters in general) and is a dark AU in which the Were-Aykroyd who created the lead is a horrible...
wrote on 2023-09-17 | by MM1302
For one night
genre: straight
I was overseas and contract ending soon. I was to return home and continue my career back home. Not a lady's man in any sense of the term, having paid for sex I've ever had. But being in this backward area of the country they didn't have hookers like back home, you simply bought a woman and use her as you wanted. But that was good for the local...
wrote on 2023-08-06 | by Drunk Bidder
Perks of night shift
genre: straight
I'm 53 and work as night watchman, just to make sure the everybody leaves after finishing their work. Not a security guard as that's a higher pay rate. My employer is a penny pincher, I don't have to tackle intruders I just call the police. But there isn't anything were stealing in this building no cash on hand or many things worth selling. One...
wrote on 2023-07-22 | by The Night owls
Drunken Night of Fun
genre: incest
A large family reunion, with parents, siblings, cousins, aunt and uncles we had a blast as they say. I came alone as I was between relationships at the time and awoke next motel in my motel room and I wasn't alone. I was naked in bed with my aunt 46 the youngest of my father's siblings. At 28 and doing well work wise, I was somewhat shocked at...
wrote on 2023-07-09 | by Happy Horny Nephew
Raining Night
genre: straight
On my way home on a rainy night, I came across my neighbor's car parked at the side the road Haszard lights flashing. So, I stop to help, and my neighbor Marilyn 34 had run out of fuel. Luckily, I was in my work truck and had a can of gas for my generator in the back. With her holding the umbrella over the top I emptied the can into her car. She...
wrote on 2023-05-30 | by Lucky Gavin
Night Shift
genre: straight
I (34) work for I T company and I 'm employed as systems monitor, meaning I keep an eye on all the machines during the night. I work 6pm to 6am 7 nights on 7 nights off, I never work during the days and work in monitor's office which everything in the multi-story building is monitored. There are security guards that control the entry and exit...
wrote on 2023-05-11 | by Night Shift Romeo
Lonely night for a horny bitch of a woman
genre: zoophilia
Man I remember it like it was yesterday. I was walking out late at night taking a walk, when I noticed that up a head there was a resting stop. I decided to go there for a bit. I noticed that there was a strange creature chilling out near the bench. it was tall, buff as hell, standing on 2 legs. I knew that it wasn't human with how outrageously...
wrote on 2023-04-17 | by titii
ENF/EUF: Emma's Babysitting Nightmare
genre: fetish
Emma was sitting in her room, engrossed in a book, when her mother knocked on her door. "Emma, can I talk to you for a second?" her mother asked, peeking her head inside. Emma looked up, her curiosity piqued. "Sure, Mom, what's up?" "I have a favor to ask you," her mother said, stepping into the room. "One of my friends needs a babysitter...
wrote on 2023-04-15 | by ENFAndEUFWriter
A night out turned to lust part 1
genre: straight
My wife and I went out for a few drinks in our local club , there I got talking to a cabby who was on his own , we talked about our sex lives when my wife went to the ladies toilets , we both said that we would love to fuck my wife and his wife at some point in time , any way the night went well my wife Susan got quite tipsy and I said we should...
wrote on 2023-04-10 | by Jonny Boy
Lonely night with a dog
genre: zoophilia
It was 10 pm and I was getting ready for bed. My boyfriend had went home for the night leaving me alone in my apartment. I decided to finish up on some work stuff. After a while I noticed that I may never find with how much stuff I had to finish before my presentation in the morning. It wasn't helping that my boyfriend kept blowing up my phone....
wrote on 2023-03-29 | by Sasha Davis
Stuck overnight in Paris I met a man and we went gay all night long
genre: gay
I got stranded in Paris, a strike and then the weather. I checked into an airport hotel overnight. I went down to the lobby for a drink and got into a conversation with an older man, also stuck for the evening. We say people being turned down, the hotel was full. We had another drink and kept on talking. He asked me a lot about myself,...
wrote on 2023-02-16 | by Percy66
Mother's night visits
genre: incest
I knew my father was neglecting my mother 47 and she got depressed and her doctor put her on some medication to help her get over her depression. My father still too little notice of her and went away fishing. That night I was in my bed and then my door opened, and my mother came in, I turned on my light and she was totally naked. I was...
wrote on 2023-02-03 | by Willing Son
Unwanted Dog Sex: The red knight rises
genre: zoophilia
Hi Guys i hope you have read the first part because otherwise this might be confusing but this is what happened just last week. My butt is still hurting a little bit... For everyone who doesnt know me, im a average sized guy and very skinny. I do jogging a lot and therefore have a big ass and strong legs. I just started College and live with two...
wrote on 2023-01-23 | by DD
Night of Passion
genre: straight
I'm married and was having trouble getting pregnant my husband drank and smoked too much and also used drugs. He is 9 years older than me, and I started to think I wouldn't ever get pregnant. After a wasted night with my husband, who passed out instead of fucking me and the next morning he went to play golf in the next state. He even thought we...
wrote on 2023-01-13 | by Horny Bitch
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