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Awestriker is the mother of Bitches.
genre: zoophilia
It is time for another Bonzi's Storytime session, get ready because this one is going to be super bizarre yet hilarious! Once upon a time in the land of Deviantart there was an annoying emo brat named Awestriker007, she used to be a friend of Nathan's but when she found out Nathan was allegedly transphobic through Gavin aka Mrdrawinglover or as...
wrote on 2024-05-09 | by MM1302
Affair with my Girlfriends mother/mother-in-law
genre: straight
I was horny and my girlfriend didn't provide me with actual sex, just let me feel her up and sometimes stroked my cock. At 21 and her 20 and both at university, I lived in a family-owned apartment, and she lived with her mother widow 38. I'm well off due to trust fund and family wealth and didn't need to work while at university. Unlike my...
wrote on 2024-03-07 | by Horny SIL.
Mother got pregnant
genre: straight
My mother 38 widowed at 33 and didn't date after being widowed. I was shocked hearing was pregnant wondered by whom. At 22 I was living at home and going to the local university and my mother was always home and never went out at night. So, her getting pregnant was a bit of a shock and IVF thought she had used IVF and secretly stored my late...
wrote on 2024-01-07 | by Shocked Daughter
I programmed my mother
genre: incest
I'm 39 divorced back living with my mother 58, paying alimony and child support of 2 children. So, with money tight I don't date, and I was watching an old TV show and they put a tape recorder under a pillow to learn another language. On the TV show it worked, so I looked into it, there were studies that showed great results and some that...
wrote on 2024-01-05 | by The Programmer
My Mother update
genre: incest
Norman still getting sex about twice a month from my mother Grace, only when my father George is away. Graham is still going to university and I'm still working for Uncle John. But my sex life has improved greatly after starting to fuck Grace, my awkwardness towards women has lessen quite a bit over the time, mainly with mature women and I get...
wrote on 2024-01-04 | by Norman
My Drunk Mother
genre: incest
I was 22 and going to university (2016) and living my recently widowed mother. She's 39 and had been drinking heavily for a couple years. My father's death (car accident) shocked her, but she was even more shocked when everything was left to me due her drinking. The condition I take care of her was included; I made no changes to the allowance...
wrote on 2024-01-03 | by Husband/son/lover
My Mother
genre: incest
My mother 54 recently divorced by my father, was always crying and upset over the divorce. She was left well off by the divorce and had the house as well and didn't need to work. I 27 lived with her as my father and me are very much alike and like magnets opposites attract and same repel. Minimum and short contact was best in our relationship or...
wrote on 2023-12-30 | by Horny Son
Neglected Mother
genre: incest
My father married my mother because was gorgeous, she was 19 and he 31 had 3 children together me plus older sister and brother. I'm the runt according to my father and brother, my sister is nicer and so I prefer her to my annoying brother. I was born when my mother 26 and I'm now 18 solid build and short at 5'3" I will go to university unlike...
wrote on 2023-12-20 | by Horny Runt
My Mother
genre: straight
My mother a widow wanted grandchildren and I being her only child had to provide those grandchildren. Problem I wasn't a lady's man in any sense of the description and not that much to look at either. Skinny or weedy is a good description of me, I was into sports and had a long bout of illness growing up that left me skinny. But I was strong and...
wrote on 2023-10-18 | by Mommies Boy
My Best Friend's Mother update
genre: straight
Vincent again, I'm still regularly fucking Judith and only took a break when Graham was home on leave (October). Judith was pushing me to get a girlfriend and I was slow to do so, so she found me a girlfriend herself. Katee 23 is Judith's live-in home help, Judith very independent still hired Katee at Graham's insistence while he was home leave....
wrote on 2023-10-15 | by Vincent B B
Fucked my girlfriend's Mother.
genre: cheating
In my youth, like most men that age we spent most of our free time on the hunt for pussy, for me every weekend it was a case of going out Friday and Saturday on the hunt to get as much as we could. Sometimes I got lucky and spent the whole weekend shagging some woman or on odd occasions, I struck out but that was rare for me. Then over time, I...
wrote on 2023-10-07 | by Honey Windowcleaner
My mother bought me a wife
genre: straight
I'm the quiet shy type and a nerd is what I was called at university, my mother widowed wants grandchildren and as her only child it's up to me to produce said grandchildren. But at 26 and no girlfriend my mother purchased me a wife 20-year-old okay on the eye and shy like me. But we get on very well together and my wife is pregnant and due in...
wrote on 2023-09-10 | by Lucky Son....
A son with his mother
genre: incest
One night I came home.e from partying with some friends and had consumed multiple drugs. Some to mention was cocaine and extacy. When I arrived home around 2 am my mother was fast asleep . She usually has a could of glasses of wine . She is an older sophisticated woman tall dark hair with curves but in great shape . She is older though 76 to...
wrote on 2023-08-27 | by Gusto Musto
My mother is a cougar
genre: incest
My mother is a cougar. She is not bashful about letting other women know that I have a big dick and I'm giving it to her. After my dad died. My mother and I became lovers. Not right away. It was about a year later. We were sitting on the couch one evening watching tv. My mother decided to lay her head in my lap. Well, I got a...
wrote on 2023-08-20 | by Jake1
genre: incest
My mother is 47 and was being neglected sexually, my father 56 prefers golf, fishing and work to fucking his wife. At first, I thought he had another woman, but he doesn't. I've since found out he wasn't fucking my mother much even before once a month, claiming to be getting his career to succeed. I'm the oldest of 2 and my sister is a lesbian...
wrote on 2023-08-16 | by Horny willing Son
My Mother's toys
genre: masturbation
This story starts a few years ago when I was 16 years old almost. So, my mother had a really nice set of ruby ear studs. Which I liked to wear. They looked better on me. Any way my mother was going shopping Saturday morning. I told her I had to much homework that needed doing. I just did not want to go shopping. Anyway, after she left, I went...
wrote on 2023-08-13 | by darrius1966
My mother Nancy
genre: incest
My mother Nancy is a busty 5'9" brunette with green eyes. she is a bisexual slut. My mother has a sexual appetite like no other. She also has no inhibition and no shame when it comes to sex. At eighteen I married the love of my life. At twenty I was divorced and living at home again. My mother was glad to have me back. For more than...
wrote on 2023-08-12 | by Janice joe
Bedding my Mother
genre: incest
My father died (cancer) 4 years ago and my mother was left very sad and started drinking and would pass out. I'm her youngest and only son and only one still living at home and would put her to bed after she passed out. I wasn't in any relationship and had no prospects on the horizon of one either. Reading erotic stories was my way of getting...
wrote on 2023-08-08 | by Sneaky son
I caught my Mother
genre: incest
First of all, my father 62 neglected my mother 50 sexually and she loves sex. So, I 24 had need of a computer as mine failed and was in getting repaired. My mother allowed me to use her laptop to complete my history project. In the course of finalizing the project I came across a dating app hidden away in a folder which was also hidden. Similar...
wrote on 2023-08-07 | by Horny Son Willing Mother
My mother, my slut
genre: incest
My mother is a sexy, thirty-seven-year-old horny chubby with a fantastic set of 44k boobs and a very shapely 35-inch ass. Two years ago my father just up and walked out on us. He came home. Handed my mother divorce papers. Packed his things, and left. My mother got almost everything. Dad kept a little money and a piece of property that...
wrote on 2023-08-06 | by Maggie Mae
My mother's best friend
genre: incest
My mother 53 divorced and I 34 her only child live together and doing okay. My mother works and I'm employed as a security guard, working mainly nights. I'm home alone most days and usually sleeping after working 12 hours shifts. My mother has a friend I call Linda 49 widow and she has a daughter Karen 28 who is a quiet and shy girl. Anyway,...
wrote on 2023-07-30 | by Horny man
Blackmailed by my Mother-in-law
genre: straight
I'm 32 and married to a 27-year-old woman and when she was pregnant last year, I was really horny and decided to hire a hooker. I was away from home and hadn't been getting any sex as my wife was really close to giving birth. But I had to travel, and I decided to take the chance and get a fuck. I looked at ads for mature hookers and I picked one...
wrote on 2023-07-27 | by Son-in-law.....
Divorced and depressed Mother
genre: incest
I 26 was away working in construction and my father decided to divorce my mother 48 took her by surprise. But nothing she could do to change his mind, I'm their only child and a disappointment my father. I wasn't a good student and didn't go to university, that was his main reason for the divorce blaming my mother for a stupid son. Also, she...
wrote on 2023-07-20 | by Returned Son
Sexy Stepmother
genre: straight
My father wanted a sexy wife to go to social events with him, he wasn't very active sexually. He had his gorgeous bride 30 sign a prenup and she was younger than me. I'm his only children and I'm 36 single not great with women like my father, you can't say it's because he is rich so am I and I don't do as well as father still did in getting his...
wrote on 2023-07-17 | by Loyal Son
My mother the witch
genre: incest
My mother 50 is a widow of 5 years, my father liked to try everything, and water skiing was the end of him he hit a rock that was underwater and crashed hitting another unseen rock. My mother was always into witchcraft and the occult, I'm her youngest at 21 and have an older sister both live with our mother and both work no smart enough for...
wrote on 2023-07-17 | by Willing to serve the Coven
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