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My Husband's uncle David
genre: straight
My husband is like his father a work acholic and as we already had 3 children, he neglected me sexually. His father's youngest brother David 55 is the opposite to them, prefers having fun to working. Single and fit he always enjoying himself and that annoys his brother, but after years of trying to change him has given up even trying. David is...
wrote on 2024-02-22 | by Horny Wife
A Drunken Husband
genre: incest
My husband 53 drinks as soon as he gets home till, he passes out. We have 3 children all still at home the oldest he trained to be a mechanic, the second oldest she training to be a nurse and our youngest is going to university in his second year. I'm a stay-at-home mother and have an internet business selling candles and other things. My...
wrote on 2023-12-19 | by Very Satisfied mother
My Late Husband left me Cock in his Will.
genre: straight
Being a widow I missed having sex, I normally have to play with myself most nights but I do miss the sensation of a big cock pounding me hard. My late husband and I always enjoyed a very passionate sex life, we normally tried to make sure we had sex at least four or five times a week. You could say we both became sex addicts but at the page we...
wrote on 2023-10-27 | by Honey Windowcleaner
I Cheated on My Husband with my Nephew.
genre: cheating
After 30 Years of marriage, I came to realise that my husband's cock wasn't doing it for me anymore, don't get me wrong I love him to bits and at times he's a great lover, but recently my orgasms haven't been as good as they used to be. We are both in our mid-fifties so our ages could be a factor. He seems to cum a lot quicker nowadays which at...
wrote on 2023-10-01 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Husband's replacement
genre: straight
My husband lost all interest in having sex with me, prefers fishing and playing golf with his buddies. So horny and I got a replacement for him a young man a longtime friend of the family's son. I'm 56 and he's 23 going to university and last year he needed a place to stay, as his former place was condemned faulty wiring, rusted water pipes and...
wrote on 2023-09-06 | by Horny no more
Replacing my husband pt3
genre: zoophilia
So's possible my neighbor, Logan, has seen me Cumming on my dogs snout .. dammit .. The reality of this is hitting me..I've been laying on the ground in my back yard ...stressing about this for the past hour.. What if he tells my husband ? What if he tells the other neighbors?...God my Marriage would be over..I'd be mortified..I...
wrote on 2023-08-12 | by Jax's mom3
Replacing my husband pt2
genre: zoophilia
So a few nights ago I had my first encounter with my Labrador Jax... I had one of the best orgasms in a while... And have had the wildest thoughts about since.... Jax definitely wants more... He's always following me, sniffing at me, crying with excitement and he begs.. As though I'm a treat. It's been hard to pretend like it isn't turning me...
wrote on 2023-08-08 | by Jax's mom 2
My crazy uncle/husband
genre: straight
I'm 27 and a high school dropout, I wanted to party and not study. So, I didn't do well at school. I worked low paid jobs to get by and partied, but the pandemic put an end to that. Out of work and a long way from home and no money, my mother's sister who had died of cancer in 2018, her husband 49 was the closest relative living close to me. He...
wrote on 2023-05-24 | by Niece to wife
The woman of the merchant chapter # 4 - my husband fucks unfaithful woman
genre: swingers
His balls colliding with her ass, the unfaithful took the pleasure to another level, so much so that she began to ask for more, for every "more" it was a crash of her lover's penis on her ass, they melted in pleasure, his penis being choked by her vagina. see
wrote on 2023-05-15 | by Zafiro
Finding a Husband/Partner
genre: straight
At 36 my clock was ticking as the saying goes, I had a great career and hadn't allowed myself relationships. As they would cloud the issue, I started thinking of having a child. But wanted a family not buy sperm and do it that way. Sounds simple, I'm fairly good looking and well off, so a catch you could say. First problem, all the men I was...
wrote on 2023-03-19 | by Husband Hunter
I replaced my husband with my son
genre: incest
I was 48 at the time and was totally fed up with my lazy husband. He was 51 at the time and become very lazy as the years passed by. We had 3 children and the older 2 were already married and had left home. But the youngest was still at home, referred to as the dumb one by my husband. He hadn't gone to university like his older brother and...
wrote on 2023-03-12 | by Willing Mother
I can't believe I cheated on my husband
genre: cheating
I am a very traditional woman in my 30s, I met my husband when I was 20, he was 24. I have been in love with him since we met, I have never wanted or craved anyone that was not him. I am writing this story because I can't share this with anyone that I know but I have to share because its eating me inside, and I feel like if I don't tell someone...
wrote on 2023-03-10 | by Victoria Solar
My husband left me for another woman.
genre: incest
My husband left saying I was boring in bed; I was depressed at first and finally started fucking my son. He still lived with me and was the quiet type, anyway I saw him masturbating and was shocked. Not by him masturbating but by the size of his hard cock, it was twice the size of his father's cock and must come from side of the family. Anyway,...
wrote on 2023-01-29 | by Pleased Mother
Watching my husband
genre: fetish
I set in my chair lightly fucking myself with my rabbit vibe watching my husband intently as he fucked the busty thrirty-three year old brunette in our bed. My name is Clara and my husband's name is Tim. He is a lawyer and I am a doctor. My fetish started about ten years ago when Tim and was in the Bahamas on vacation. We were at the bar...
wrote on 2023-01-28 | by Janice joe
Dear Husband, I Checked Out Books from the Library — and the Librarian
genre: cheating
Would you like to hear all the details? Dear husband, Here I lie in bed, getting ready to play with my vibrator because you’re not here to play with me. Why is your boss taking you on yet another business trip? If you didn’t always look so miserable while packing your bags, I would think these business trips were secret rendezvous with...
wrote on 2023-01-22 | by Nora Wilson
Lazy Husband part 2
genre: incest
George hasn't changed but has started to complain about the baby crying from the moment I brought her home from the hospital. I've also moved my sister Jane and son David into the adjoining apartment and had an internal door installed. George hasn't even asked why, but as I take the baby next door to be with my sister and nephew, he's happy as...
wrote on 2022-12-24 | by Lorraine happy Aunt
My Husband's Brother
genre: straight
I married at 18 and we had a great life together, then on very cold snowy day. My husband was killed on the highway in in a multi-vehicle accident, he was caught in the middle and had no chance. That left me with 2 small children to raise by myself, my parents were already deceased by the time of the accident and I've no siblings. My husbands...
wrote on 2022-11-13 | by Sister-in-law to wife
I seduced my Sister for my Husband
genre: straight
I'm Kerry 29 married to Patrick 30 and I'm now in my last month of my pregnancy. Earlier this year I had trouble had to stop intercourse with Patrick as a result. We had a very regular sex life and I didn't want Patrick to miss out on regular sex. I've one sibling Rachel 32 single rather shy and timid and she doesn't date. I decided she would be...
wrote on 2022-06-29 | by Kerry
Lazy Husband
genre: incest
My husband George 38 is lucky you don't have to think and work to breathe or he would be dead. Not exactly a world beater when it comes actually doing something, since our marriage he has become even more lazy. I ride him during sex and have to get him up by sucking his cock and then mounting him and he just lays there. Doesn't even feel my my...
wrote on 2022-05-27 | by Lorraine happy Aunt
The woman of the merchant chapter # 3 - my husband fucks unfaithful woman
genre: swingers
After a constant penetration she lifted her ass to be drilled, I almost penetrated her anus by mistake, but we were so turned on that only the pleasure mattered, watching this video for the first time I could see how her anus is exposed for my cock. See
wrote on 2022-05-10 | by Zafiro
My youngest daughter husband
genre: incest
Years ago when my youngest daughter father of her children moved in with my daughter and I I was maybe 50 years old my son in law was maybe 19 or 20 handsome Hispanic with tattoos everywhere handsome smile but very ghetto I was shy to meet him I found him to be a very sexy young man time went by I got to know him very well I don’t remember...
wrote on 2022-05-09 | by Gardenofblkroses
The woman of the merchant chapter # 2 - my husband fucks unfaithful woman
genre: swingers
My husband kept telling me "I was drilling her vagina so hard that we forgot we were filming, we just concentrated on how my penis was entering her vagina, it was so tight that the condom wanted to break but it was so hard that the grip on her vagina drove me crazy. See
wrote on 2022-05-08 | by Zafiro
The Night My Husband's Joking Goes To Far
genre: cheating
I love my husband Fred but he likes to punk people sometimes. He enjoys embarrassing the new guys at work. But at last night's card game he took it a bit too far. Every Friday night he likes to get together with some of the guys at work and play cards in the basement. His man cave as he refers to it. I know all of his poker buddies they're all a...
wrote on 2022-03-31 | by Biggy Max
My Husband sold me
genre: straight
Three years ago my husband Donald then 28 sold me to a man he met in a bar for $5000, It was only for 28 days 4 weeks and I was his to use as he saw fit. The man David 46 single and lived just outside of town on a 45 acre property and done well at his job. I'm Vivian now 30 1 child and 1 on the way. David treated me well, unlike Donald who would...
wrote on 2022-03-17 | by Vivian M
How My Husband Delivered Me part one
genre: group sex
My huge fantasy. I have been with Alain fo 3 years. We are both 28 years old. My man is straight but I'm bi. He 1.83 athletic and I 1.70 quite charming with big 95D breasts. air of breasts. In summer I like to dress short and sexy enough without being a whore. I know that I catch the eye of men and some women. I like necklines that highlight my...
wrote on 2022-03-13 | by lulukatty
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