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Daughter Goes Black Mom Approves
genre: cheating
My daughter, Linda returned home from during her college break. She brought her latest boyfriend Lonnie with her. He was a black man of average height and weight. We are a white family so I know just coming with her to our home showed us he cared for her and he had a strong respectable character. He was very polite during their visit and we...
wrote on 2024-01-07 | by Gennygurl
Black Cock Slut
genre: cheating
      We never ever wrote a story about my wife and her boss, but I will tell you how it happened. She used to go away for work most of the times with her co-worker and they would share the same room being 2 women.  This time her co-worker couldn't make the trip so her boss, Joe, decided to go to see how things work because she always got...
wrote on 2024-01-05 | by Tom W
Hotwife Prefers Black
genre: cheating
We are a white couple in our 40s. We know there is so much porn out there promoting black cocks for white women. Like most people we assumed this was just the propaganda about cock size and possibly the sexual stimulation of the contrast of skin tones. So, we are sharing our experience with you. We decided to try the Hotwife lifestyle. I...
wrote on 2024-01-03 | by Gennygurl
The Black Sheep
genre: straight
I come from very well-off Christian family and I'm not religious. They were annoyed with my not going to church at all and tried to stop my access to my trust fund, my source of money. It failed, as there was no requirement to attend Church as part of my access. Branded the black sheep, because they won't say devil or anything they refers to...
wrote on 2024-01-02 | by Happy black Sheep
Servicing old black neighbor
genre: first times
Mr. William was an older black neighbor that lived about a half mile away. Ever since our family moved into our house Mr. William began visiting and often just hung out around our family farm. We did not farm, but there was always some work to be done in the garden or around the barn. But on occasions that we actually were doing something he...
wrote on 2023-11-24 | by Gennygurl
My Beautiful Black haired cousin pt1
genre: incest
I'm 63 now but back when this happened, We both were 17, almost eighteen. My Aunt and Uncle would come up for the summer staying in house down the road near the river. Sue had beautiful black shiny hair, a pair perky melon tits which gave rise to my extended tent in my shorts when she was near. I could not hide easily, Sue did notice with a...
wrote on 2023-09-27 | by Wrknman
My Best Black Silk Panties and Cum don't mix.
genre: incest
Living at home alone I often needed help around the house, My nephew who is in his twenties often pops fond of a chat and some of my home cooking, Occasionally he stays over so he can have a drink but I do like the company. I'm in my sixties divorced and not much to look at but I enjoy my own company most of the time. Then one weekend I needed...
wrote on 2023-09-12 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Black sheep
genre: incest
Short History at the time this started I was 23 hadn't a good student and always getting to trouble and my father kicked me out at 16. I started travelling and doing whatever I could to get by, sometimes arrested. But never convicted and or sent to prison. But I finally wised up as they say and tried to improve my future prospects. But that...
wrote on 2023-08-09 | by Black sheep reinvented
Blackmailed by my Mother-in-law
genre: straight
I'm 32 and married to a 27-year-old woman and when she was pregnant last year, I was really horny and decided to hire a hooker. I was away from home and hadn't been getting any sex as my wife was really close to giving birth. But I had to travel, and I decided to take the chance and get a fuck. I looked at ads for mature hookers and I picked one...
wrote on 2023-07-27 | by Son-in-law.....
genre: straight
I'm not the greatest looker or great in relationships but had some luck with drunk women and paid for sex also. But done okay career wise helped by family and friends of family. But my love life was lousy, and it was just by chance I was in the right place at the right time. When I saw a wife 48 of a business client getting it on with some guy I...
wrote on 2023-07-09 | by Secret Blackmailer
Blackmailed by my MIL
genre: straight
I'm 33 married with 2 children and live across the road from my Parents in Law. Last November my wife and the children went away for few days and my father-in-law (FIL) was away working at the same time. I had work to do and had a female colleague 52 come over and she stayed the night with me fucking. She was a little drunk and so was I and we...
wrote on 2023-01-16 | by Happy to be Blackmailed
The black mechanic's monstrous cock
genre: bondage
Alfred had just bought himself a superb convertible at an exorbitant price! Proud to try it, I came back to do some shopping in town, it was not far from noon, the truck with the big cement mixer braked in front of me. My foot crushed the brake pedal, I swerved, that was not enough, the shock took place. I got out, the truck driver was...
wrote on 2022-10-09 | by Trixie
My Brother David the black sheep of the family
genre: incest
I'm Michelle 27 and my only sibling David 31 and was a wild child growing up always in some type of trouble. He finished high school work for a time then joined the marines, my parents wee happy he was out of their hair for awhile. David done two hitches and returned back home, but got his own place. He was different, but also the same it seemed...
wrote on 2022-07-21 | by Michelle brother's bedwarmer
My travaling leads to wife to get pregnant by black men
genre: swingers
I would travel 5 to 6 mouth at a time and some times 8 mouth's we had order some sex toy's for her some time back when they came in in the box was some adds for other toy's Annette looked at the adds and put some mark on some of the pages then put it in with my clothes and went back out on the road did find the adds and look thou them but i did...
wrote on 2022-05-22 | by annetteandspike
Black Sheep
genre: incest
I'm Iain 32 single 3 children and very well off financially, not from hard work but more just plain luck. I was kicked out of home at 14 almost 15 being the black sheep and started travelling the country, doing whatever got me what I wanted. I got in with some fairly shady people, nothing really bad. Cons mainly, but it was thru this I learnt to...
wrote on 2022-05-12 | by Iain
Accidently Blackmailing Aunty
genre: incest
I'm not from a well off family, but do okay gardening and odd jobs for for well healed. My aunt Katherine 47 married into money and had 2 children who attend high a price University and so she is home alone as Paul 55 her husband works long hours and plays golf on weekends here or away somewhere else. He gave me the job doing his garden as I'm...
wrote on 2022-04-21 | by Morris24
Blackmailing my Neighbor
genre: straight
My neighbor Jessica 56 is hot even at her age and she is married to Paul and they are part of the social elite of our town. I'm Colin 23 high school dropout and work odd jobs to get by, I live in a converted shed in my parent's backyard. I'm their greatest disappointment in life, they also hangout with the social elite. I'm never mentioned by...
wrote on 2022-04-13 | by Colin the blackmailer
Teaching Jerry Not To Blackmail His Mom.😊
genre: incest
My stepson Jerry is a rascal, that's all there is too it. I was taking a shower this morning and I see him peeping in on me from the door way. I know it's him because we're the only two people in the house. His father Ray,my husband is a drug rep and he's gone five days a week. Sometimes even longer. I think Jerry has a crush on me. Any other...
wrote on 2022-04-07 | by Biggy Max
The black man who fucked her harder than anyone
genre: first times
We met him at a porn store and my wife sucked him off and he then fucked both her holes and she said that no one else has ever fucked her harder. He gave her a$50 for the fucking he gave her. He just arrived at our place and she had nothing on and yes I was nakid to. He commented on her pussy and then said that I was average for a white man....
wrote on 2022-01-12 | by Curious Man
Blackmailing mom
genre: cheating
I am Aditya.I was studying in that time I was 18 and I had habbit of masturbation. One day at sharp 11:30 pm I wake up to drink water and I saw that something sound was coming from my parents I decided to go and check.the door was unlocked and I saw that my mother was giving blowjob to my heartbeat get fast because I...
wrote on 2022-01-05 | by Aditya
The Tentacle Creature From The Black Water Cove.
genre: zoophilia
We made it to Black Water Cove around 4 pm and it took us an hour to hike to our campsite.It was my first time camping here in Black Water cove. My husband Frank and his best friend Jake were setting up the tents and I decided I would take a hike to check out the cove on my own. "You better be careful out there,Monica." Frank yelled to...
wrote on 2021-12-19 | by Biggy Max
Black Sheep Returns
genre: straight
I've never been the good child, always getting into trouble and finally heading off on my own. My 2 siblings were the the complete opposite to me and went university and now have great careers. My mother died when I was 7 the youngest of 3, it not because my mother died I became troublesome. I'd been that for years before she passed away, no...
wrote on 2021-11-28 | by Robert G D
Kindra And The Black Client
genre: group sex
"Why am I here, why am I here?" I whined, fingering through files. "Oh, because the witch needs some this shit for the client," I groaned before a pause. "The client wants Pepsi instead of Coke; I have to get what they want. They want a certain band to be playing on the stereo; I have to make it happen because I'm the intern. What the fuck?" I...
wrote on 2021-10-08 | by kornslayer1
The Black Sheep
genre: incest
I was always in trouble from a young age with my family never could do anything right according to them. So at 15 I left and made my own way in the world, working crap jobs and slowly improving myself. Then in a stroke of luck I met Jason, a prospector and tagged along with him and we found a large deposit of rare earth minerals in the desert we...
wrote on 2021-08-06 | by Rodney J
I blackmailed my Mum
genre: incest
I'm Chris 21 and last year I saw my mum Belinda 40 with another man, I didn't know the man then. But I soon found out he (Tom) worked at the same company as she did and he was also married. My father Donald 47 is an arsehole of enormous proportions, but he also has a prenup with Belinda that if she plays up, she gets nothing. Our family is well...
wrote on 2021-06-24 | by Chris T
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