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Aunt Cassie's Dog
genre: zoophilia
It wasn't the same without him, but I was doing the best that I could. It was too soon to replace him and no two dog's were ever the same, so it would be impossible to try to do anyway. I had good memories of our time together. I kept using them, even though they were tinged with bittersweet emotions, that threatened to make me cry, at...
wrote on 2024-05-08 | by Mostly Harmless
My Aunty fucked over the Kitchen Table
genre: incest
Seventeen and Horny. One afternoon my 60-year-old aunty came to visit, having fantasized about her for years I was shocked to see how she had changed. She wasn't as slim as I remembered but still, she always got my cock twitching. Sitting across from me in the lounge, I noticed her legs slowly opening, I could see straight up her dress to see...
wrote on 2024-04-06 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Auntie's Slut
genre: incest
***THIS IS AN EXERT OF A LONGER STORY*** “Mama! Can I go spend the night at Auntie Kandie’s house tomorrow?” A young fifteen year old Janae asked her mom when she walked into her bedroom. Patricia, her forty-five year old mother, was laying naked in her bed, her legs cocked open exposing her bushy pussy. Janae could see a thick, white...
wrote on 2024-02-02 | by Queen Kai
Using my Aunt
genre: straight
I'm 32 and quite successful in career and relationships, but I married to progress my career. My wife is great and has given me 2 children but isn't as adventurist as I would like her to be. But I'm smart enough not to risk my marriage or career by playing up on her, as her father owns the company I work and I'll risking it all if caught playing...
wrote on 2024-01-23 | by Self Indulgent Male
Sixteen and in love with my Sixty two year old Aunt.
genre: incest
When I was sixteen I moved in with my aunty Joan, she was a wonderful woman, with an amazing sense of humour. She was in her late sixties, a little plump but still to me had an amazing body. She always spoke her mind and always made sure I was well cared for. Myself I was very shy, I wanted to join in at school but the other kids bullied me...
wrote on 2024-01-16 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Giving my Aunt a baby update 3
genre: incest
Since I started fucking my mother Wendy when she got drunk and asked me too. She has gotten pregnant to me; lucky my father thinks it is his. He came home from golf drunk and got frisky with Wendy and they went to bed together. He promptly fell asleep, so Wendy got me to fuck instead. In the morning Wendy remembered she wasn't protected as her...
wrote on 2024-01-15 | by Andrew J
I caught my Aunt update
genre: incest
I've being well trained by my aunt Heather, and she regularly drains me still. But due an error or mistake call it what you will, I got Heather pregnant, with Brennan having the snip years early it was awkward you could say. But Brennan was in hospital had a heart attack playing golf and so the first signs of her being pregnant were missed by...
wrote on 2023-12-18 | by Jerome
My aunt asked me to get her pregnant part 2
genre: straight
Kathleen turned one and Andrea was again willing to get pregnant and Jordan still thinks he's the father. Anyway, Andrea isn't mucking about this time, and she drains my balls every chance we get together and she is pregnant again but still lets me fuck her as a reward for services provided. I was hoping she would've another girl, but it's a boy...
wrote on 2023-12-18 | by Nelson baby maker
Pranking my Aunt
genre: straight
My aunt by marriage 53 and now widowed, I've never seen her smile that I can remember. I'm 26 and bit of a prankster and at a family wedding a cousin's wedding, I my mother and aunt were staying with my mother's brother the bride's father, and I had the attic my mother her own room as did my aunt. My father departed years ago and hasn't kept in...
wrote on 2023-12-18 | by Prankster nephew
My New Aunt/Wife
genre: straight
My uncle Donald 68 got married again to a younger woman 24, he bought from her family in fact. That's what he told me, I David 30 his only living relative and I run his businesses for him. On his wedding night his health got worse, he blacked out and was put in hospital and told not to take his little blue pills anymore and so he had a wife he...
wrote on 2023-12-17 | by Nephew/Husband
I love your feet Auntie!
genre: fetish
Hi everyone! After a cold afternoon of running errands, my aunt and I returned home tired and cold. We sorted out the things we had just bought and drank a nice hot coffee while exchanging a few chats. A: "Damn, it's cold, I'm going to take a hot bath, let's see if it goes better", I nodded, going to sit on the sofa where I started watching...
wrote on 2023-11-22 | by Mat&Aunty
Red cross nurse aunt
genre: incest
Hi everyone! On Halloween evening, aunt was invited to a costume party by some friends. She asked me to come by in the late afternoon to show me the dress she was going to the party in. I arrived at my aunt's, I went in and I was speechless, my aunt was wearing a nurse's dress, obviously much more sexy and provocative, a short skirt halfway down...
wrote on 2023-11-02 | by Mat&Aunty
Aunty and the cold!
genre: incest
Hi everyone! I was on the sofa watching TV, aunt sat down next to me, A: "Damn, it's cold", in fact it was starting to get cool in the evening, M: "Well I'd say, you're half naked", she was wearing a house dress , open at the bottom leaving her legs completely bare and was sleeveless. A: “Yes, well, but aren't you cold too?” M: “I'm fine...
wrote on 2023-10-24 | by Mat&Aunty
I rejuvenated my Aunt Jessica’s Pussy.
genre: incest
I was in my early twenties when my mom said she and dad were getting divorced, at first I was disappointed but being the age I was it wasn't unexpected. They hadn't been getting along for years so it was invertible that it would end in divorce. After they had separated Mom asked me if I wouldn't mind her sister coming to live with us, as in my...
wrote on 2023-10-24 | by Honey Windowcleaner
The Haunted House
genre: straight
It just seems right to tell this story so close to Halloween. At 37 and recently widowed (2020) and having gotten a promotion and so I move back to my hometown where the new job was. My 2 children 7 and 5 could be looked after by my parents while I worked. My wife had died in a car accident that also took her parents and she had no siblings. But...
wrote on 2023-10-23 | by Lurch
I inherited my Aunt
genre: straight
(In 2022) My late father's brother died and I being his closest living relative was tasked in his will to watch over his wife 50 and I was just 23 single and in no relationship either. My parents having died in 2020 pandemic, and I was their only child. My uncle was 59 and had his first heart attack and it was fatal. My aunt isn't the brightest...
wrote on 2023-10-22 | by Nephew's perfect arrangement
Aunty’s best friend!
genre: straight
Hi, I like to "try" to write short stories. My aunt recently had a birthday and hosted a party with family and friends at her house. Large house on several floors but, being the height of summer, we mainly stayed outdoors. Among the guests could not miss her, Valentina, my aunt's best friend since high school, always inseparable, they have done...
wrote on 2023-10-19 | by Lane1902
A night with Auntie!
genre: incest
Hi, I like to "try" to write erotic stories. Everything you will read is the result of imagination. I have always had a soft spot for my aunt, my uncle's wife, mother of two children aged 13 and 8. Aunt is a fresh 40-year-old, medium height, light brown with two big brown eyes, medium-small breasts which compensate for a great big ass, two legs...
wrote on 2023-10-18 | by Lane1902
Aunt Edith
genre: incest
I'm 24 going to university and still at home with my parents. In 2020 Uncle Henry died (heart attack) he was 10 years older than Edith 55 at the time. My father's only sister and she wasn't well off after Henry's death an, so she moved in with us in 2021. My impression of Edith wasn't great, I thought her a prude and sour person. She never...
wrote on 2023-10-15 | by Randy Nephew
Giving my Aunt a baby update 2
genre: incest
Natasha decided she did want another baby and we started trying again late last year and succeed quicker than the first time to my dismay. But as I had again help her and she knew I was enjoying having sex with her, she kept sleeping with me until late in her pregnancy. But none since the baby arrived, but I'm hopeful she might let me fuck her...
wrote on 2023-10-03 | by Andrew J
My Maiden Aunt
genre: incest
My aunt 52 is the oldest of 3 and only girl in my father's family and she put her career before having a family. I'm the oldest of 4 in our family 2 boys 2 girls and left after high school as I wasn't doing well. Trained as plumber and now qualified, was asked by my aunt to update her plumbing. I 24 agreed and would do the work on weekends, I'm...
wrote on 2023-09-20 | by The Living Dildo
Aunty Shelly
genre: incest
I'm now 56. I was 22 and still living at home working as a mechanic and dating fairly regularly, but not much success having sex with my dates. I'm the oldest of the 3 children of my parents and only boy. My mother also the oldest child of her parents who had 5 children 3 boys and 2 girls. The second youngest was Shelly who was 39 at the time,...
wrote on 2023-09-10 | by Nephew/Godfather
Aunty Showed My What My Cock was For PART 2
genre: incest
My Aunty showed me what cocks are for. PART 2. Standing up she looked my hand and led me to her bedroom, Closing the door she turned to me and said, “What I'm going to show you is our our secret ok, It's important you never tell a sole, not your parents or anyone you know in the future,” she reiterated. “Yes I promise “ I said. Sitting...
wrote on 2023-09-09 | by Honey Windowcleaner
Aunty Showed me what my cock was for. Part 1.
genre: incest
My Aunty showed me what cocks are for. I was sixteen at the time of my initiation into manhood. I was oblivious to what sex was, I had never ever seen a naked woman. Never once kissed a girl or wanted to know anything about girls. A fully-fledged Virgin in all senses of the word. I had noticed though that my cock sometimes went hard and stuck...
wrote on 2023-09-08 | by Honey Windowcleaner
My Aunt
genre: straight
My aunt is a woman of strong views and when I went to university, I was to stay with her. My father's widowed sister 60. I'm awkward around girls get tongue tied, so I wasn't a regular dater of girls. My aunt decided to give me confidence, got her maid 48 to teach me how to fuck. It was really awkward as I had to have sex with a woman more than...
wrote on 2023-09-01 | by Thankful Nephew
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